Wordless Wednesday: Spanglish en K-Town

Better late than nunca…

(It’s still miércoles in my neck of the woods and I just might get away with my usual Wordless Wednesday post.)

Pure Drinking "Agua" is available at the corner store on 8th street in Korea Town, LA.

Kim's Discount "La Baratita" miscellaneous store is right next door.

Just up the street, you get Alkaline Water, a KTown local shop (no entiendo el sign) and "Expresión Market" directo desde Oaxaca, México. Grillos, anybody? They make a tasty snack.

Wordless Wednesday: El Corner Deli de NY

The Corner Deli is also called La Esquina. Loved the neon sign. Photo CB2012.

They sell Tortas, Tacos, Cerveza and Jarritos at the Corner Deli/ La Esquina in NY. Photo by yours truly.

Wordless Wednesday: Spanglish in action en el 562 area code

¡Eso señores! Nothing like tooting your own horn to get you noticed. Here's "La Mera Mera" at your service.