Joining the Vitamix Lovers of America

Señoras y Señores, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have the honor of introducing the kitchen appliance/gadget/marvel that has me hooked, the fabulous Vitamix.

I know I’m late to the game by at least a few decades, and it’s been a staple of serious cooks and chefs for all time, but since it has just entered my life recently, I feel compelled to share the good news.

(Ya habia leido en todos los cookbooks de moda that the Vitamix was something else. Even my bff la Gwyneth Paltrow said in her cookbook “My Father’s Daughter” that she recommends it for your kitchen and that it would change your life…claro que yo no le quise creer, ay si, bájale Gwyneth, pero como siempre, she was right! My previous blender doesn’t even stand a chance next to it.)

Fruits and veggies have never been my favorite items on the list, and I’ve always eaten them “muy a huevo” just because they’re good for you. However, since the Vitamix came into my life, it’s suddenly all I want to get at the supermarket.

This is now my inside voice at  the Whole Foods produce department, “Ah! Look at all those veggies! Que bonitos beets! I can make a juice! Mira las strawberries! I can make a smoothie in 60 seconds. I wonder if these fruits go well together? Let’s see.” And then I get $38 dollars worth of organic fruits and veggies.

So, yes, I feel a change a’comin’! Next week I’m moving into “Green Smoothie” territory. A ver que tal.

You can check out the company page here (hey it’s Made in the USA!) and on QVC.  Yes,  it’s the priciest kitchen appliance in its range, but the Vitamix is worth every penny… And that’s my two cents worth.

The fruits for my morning juice were: grapes, peaches and pears.

A quick run on the Vitamix and voila! It was very tasty.

I never eat these veggies by themselves, but I can drink them all together. Carrots, beets and celery look all happy and bright.

The Vitamix is ready to rock n roll.

They call this the “Vampiro” juice because of it’s health benefit to the blood. The color is very beautiful.