Nice try, William Levy


4 shots taken with the iPhone from the Season Finale of Dancing With the Stars on ABC. William Levy came in 3rd place.

Pues he didn’t win the disco ball trophy de Dancing With the Stars, pero como dicen por ahí: No gano pero como me divierto. Call me “wishy washy” pero…in the end, despite my earlier criticism, I ended up rooting for William Levy. So it was kind of disappointing to see him in 3rd place. Pero reconozco que le echó muchas ganas.

(De veras que sometimes ni yo me entiendo!)

Anywhoo, it’s just another reality show coming to and end. Which means, ahi vienen los Summer reruns.

My blog post on Time Magazine’s Latino cover generated hate mail. And this is my response.

No es la primera vez que me pasa en este blog de Life in Spanglish, but this time the hate mail received was more widespread and coming from a real (and really scary) source with a legitimate web address and very vocal members.

Yesterday as I wrote about the great Time Magazine Cover on the Latino Vote, I thought it would garner a few positive responses on our recently validated power status for the next presidential election in the USA. It never occurred to me that my blog post and link would be tagged to a white supremacist group’s online forum, where members with weird acronyms and spiteful names viciously attacked the blog and attacked the Latino community in the USA.

I will not post the address nor the name of the group. I will not post any of the comments they made. I will not approve nor publish any of the comments they left on this blog. Suffice it to say they have a logo that resembles a cross and swastika, and they don’t like minorities, ethnic groups, nor anything else that is different from their supremacist vision of the world. In a nutshell, they pretty much hate us and the fact we live here.

It was scary to read the comments, I’ll admit. It shouldn’t be a surprise, given the news we hear everyday, the newly appointed laws in Arizona and Alabama, the state of Immigration issues in this country. Yet, for my blog it was a reality check where it was directly placed on a hateful site and quoted by a very unpleasant group of people, and this made me feel vulnerable.

My first instinct was to respond directly to them on their forum, to defend the blog and to defend us. In the end, it would’ve reduced me to their same standing (and I also had to register to leave a comment, imagine that!) so I chose to delete as much as I could on this blog and just keep writing in SPANGLISH. Yes, there were many comments that made me upset, but as my good friend Gina Dewar said, there are many more of US, many more Latinos than the people who don’t like us, and we are here to stay.

So if they are still reading, and they’ve gotten this far on this post, then read and understand this:

Latinos are 50 million strong in the USA and growing. The United States of America is our home, and we are proud of our culture, language and heritage we bring into the mix. We are not here to take away from anyone, on the contrary, we will continue to contribute and work to help this beautiful country we CHOSE to live in. This is a country that has also given us so much in return, a country we love profoundly. And also, understand that we aren’t going anywhere. Aqui estamos, so please just find a way to make peace with this or just deal with it.

One of the beautiful things this country offers is freedom of speech. So in that sense, everybody is entitled to their opinion. But as far as Life in Spanglish goes, and so long as I’m writing it, we’re going to keep the conversation positive and the comments happy. Esas gentes no tendrán ningún espacio en este blog.

Could I interest you in leaving a response below, por favorcito? It would be nice to hear from you, nice person reader, along the lines of an “arriba los Latinos” tone.

Thanks for reading.