Checking out La Reina del Sur dvd at the Library

Man, the weekends go by fast. Somehow 48 hours are not enough para hacer todo lo que quieres/tienes que hacer, especially when you know you’re going to spend a Sunday afternoon watching commercials and the SuperBowl. (OK the halftime with Madonna was amazing, right?… But I digress.)

On my list for the weekend was to squeeze in a visit to the Library in downtown LA, even if it’s totally out of the way for me. If I can just get in 30 minutes during the week, I am a happy camper. May I recommend you visit it (again!) and see the cool stuff they have going on?

Browsing through their DVD collections on the first floor, oh joy! There are Documentaries, Foreign Movies and TELENOVELAS. A really good selection for all of us who have discerning tastes. I was impressed.

Wouldn’t you know it? They already have the La Reina del Sur dvd on the shelf. If you haven’t already seen it, here’s your chance to see what all the hoopla was about last year. Mind you, this is an edited version on 2 volumes (12 dvds total) but it’s a great series, nevertheless. Or maybe you’re just a LRDS junkie and you just want to re-live your favorite moments con El Ratas y Don Epifanio, not to mention El Pote y el Batmancito. I miss them…You could buy the series at Amazon, but it will set you back 40 bucks. Here at the library you can check it out for free for 2 weeks.

You can check out La Reina del Sur series dvds at the 1st floor of the LA Central Public Library in downtown.

Interesting juxtaposition of the Novelas dvds next to Anime. There is something for everybody.

Cinephiles rejoice. A cult classic from el DF in the late 80's. Alfonso Cuarón's first hit: Solo con Tu Pareja. Still funny after all these years.

Los pasillos de la biblioteca, with miles and miles of books.

Cool title in Spanglish. "Orozco in Gringoland" Will have to check it out soon. Chronicles Jose Clemente Orozco's work in New York City.

La Reina del Sur, aka Kate del Castillo, y su entrevista post-escándalo Twitter

¿Se acuerdan hace unas semanas, cuando el mundo entero (incluyéndome a mi) opinó sobre el famoso tweet de Kate del Castillo y el escándalo que le siguió? Ah pues ahora Kate ya está dando entrevistas y platicó con Adela Micha (more on her later) about what REALLY happened that night she tweeted to El Chapo and what she REALLY thinks.

Hmmm. Maybe I’m not buying all her answers, but it makes for interesting television. There were a few moments in the interview where you could tell she was getting really unconfortable with Adela’s questions. Como siempre, la Adela no pierde la oportunidad “to make it about her” y le dice “yo te voy a decir, si me permites, lo que pienso al respecto….” (like we care!) En fin, dejara de ser Adela y dejara de ser la diva de las noticias.

Anyway, judge for yourselves, si es que todavía les interesa el tema. La Reina del Sur siempre da de que hablar, no? By the way, I’m still a fan, Kate.

Aqui esta el video de Youtube, ojalá que Televisa no lo quite y nos limite por no estar en México, como suelen hacer. Aqui les pongo el link a la segunda parte, pues son varias.


OMG! Kate's reaction to her post-twitter scandal.