Hopping on the Green Juice bandwagon

Everybody and their mother is talking about the wonders of green juice lately. We’ve been hearing about it here and there, but suddenly it’s trending all over the place:

They presented a segment about it on Monday morning during the Today show.

Dr. Oz has a special show tomorrow on the benefits and how to detox with it. (He’s doing similar topics all this week.)

Evan Kleinman from Good Food on KCRW just had a show dedicated to “juicing” last weekend.

This week I felt curious to try and stopped by Robek’s juice to have one of their new green creations. All in all, it was quite good. It set me back 5 bucks por un juguito bien chiquito, but what the hell. I felt healthy.

Today I made my own version, on the Vitamix, and it was even better. And I saved myself the cash.

My own version of the green juice.

My own version of the green juice.

I’m going to keep experimenting and next time I want to try it with kale.

Of course, nosotros los mexicanos have been drinking jugos naturales all along, and not to detox or to lose weight, but just because it’s a part of our lifestyle. I remember back in the day when I used to live in la Colonia Del Valle en el D.F., all the street vendors had crowds of people waiting in line  to get their jugos de frutas to start their day. Esos puestos eran un negociazo. And they had all sorts of fruit: papaya, mango, betabel, zanahoria, you name it.

If you want another good juice to try, here’s my post on the “Vampirito” juice. (It’s good for your blood pressure and energy levels.)

Ya estamos en Mayo, people. Summer is right around the corner…let’s get healthy for it.