Adiós, Reina del Sur. Ya te extrañamos.

Se nos acabó el corrido de la Teresita Mendoza, y así como escuchamos en el opening durante toda la novela, “un día desapareció Teresa la Mexicana, dicen que está en la prisión, otros que vive en Italia, en California o en Miami, en la Unión Americana…”

¿Ustedes creen que está en el “Gabacho” como dicen los de la novela? (Pobre la mujer del Batmancito que se quedó con ganas de venirse para acá.)

The grand finale did not disappoint and made us hold our breath till the last clip. That balacera scene was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, this was NOT a novela, this was a drama series, an excellent one, the first of it’s kind in Spanish television, and one we will not easily repeat soon. (Don’t even get me started on the tacky and tasteless “Mi Corazon Insiste” clips and promos, yo paso! Please spare me Telemundo.)

I will not spoil the ending para todos los que la están viendo en México y en España, but I’ll say this: ¡Que Viva El Pote!! Todas queremos un soldado y perro guardián como él, leal hasta el final. Sabía quien era y cuál era su misión en la vida. Nunca se quitó las botas ni el sombrero. A mucha honra Potemkin Gálvez. ( A ver si para la segunda parte vemos que el hijo de Teresa se llama Oleg Potemkin, como dice mi amiga Olguita.)

Y a la mexicana mis respetos. Te vamos a extrañar Teresa/Kate del Castillo. Ojalá te nominen al Emmy y te lo ganes. Este es un rol que nunca se nos va a olvidar y que sólo tú pudiste hacer. Eres nuestra Mejor Actriz!

¡Ese mi Pote!! Mini Homage a Potemkin Gálvez, alias "El Pote." El perro guardián de Teresa Mendoza que le salvó la vida más de una vez. ¡Que viva El Pote!

“Womentum” at the Revlon RunWalk for Women 2011

Revlon RunWalk for Women was held last Saturday at the LA Coliseum.

Last Saturday at the LA Coliseum, almost 75 thousand people turned up for the annual Revlon RunWalk 2011 in honor and support of women who are fighting and beating cancer. Entire families and people of all ages showed up to honor the women in their lives. It was an empowering and uplifting event, and you could feel the love and energy everyone brought to the occasion, which was called “Womentum” ( a very creative and clever name, if you ask me.)

It was also nice to see Halle Berry, the beautiful actress and Revlon spokesmodel, in person, welcoming everybody at the starting line and cheering people on. She was there along with Alyson Hannigan,the actress from American Pie,  Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family, and Lilly Tartikoff, who heads the RunWalk effort.

The co-sponsors of the event were Macy’s and Toyota, with teams representing and doing the walk as well. It’s nice to see Macy’s continues to support great causes in support of women’s health and the community. Thanks to Olivia, Cause Marketing Manager at Macy’s,  for inviting me to the event. All in all a great day!

The Macy's Team, proud to support the cause at RunWalk.

Lilly Tartikoff with Halle Berry, getting ready to pose for photographers, before the event began.

Another shot of the celebrities at the event.

Halle Berry welcomes the crowd and motivates everyone to keep supporting the fight against cancer.

The starting line had confetti blasts, and off they went.

It was really exciting to enter the Coliseum through the tunnels at the end of the 5K.

At the Coliseum finish line, everybody had a party at the end.

Quibooole…Mr. Obama ya está hablando español

Mr. Obama habla buen español!!! Click on the video for a wonderful speech at the White House’s Cinco de Mayo Party by the President of the USA.

I guess he’s going to need to practice his Spanish more now that he’s going after the Latino vote in 2012. And it’s going to come in handy when he follows up on his promise of immigration reform and he deals with all the Hispanic leaders. (I have yet to believe it’s going to happen soon, pero quien sabe.)

Lovely and cute moment there when he lets everybody know that you don’t come between first lady Michelle Obama and her tamales. Doesn’t she look amazing? Que mujer tan guapa, de veras.

(Thanks April M. for the head’s up. I really enjoyed it.)

Two years and counting! I’m a toddler blog.

Today, April 14, 2011 is my blog’s 2 year anniversary. YAY!

I just realized it 2 seconds ago and must now plan a little fiestecita to celebrate. Preferably involving cupcakes. And chocolate.

(Honestly, where does time go? En 2 años me han pasado tantas cosas, que no me la creo. Todo bueno, todo bien, gracias a Dios ahí vamos.)

Gracias a mis cuatro lectores por seguirme leyendo. You know who you are! Y a los otros pasajeros que de repente se reportan, gracias también. Espero tener mucho más temas de que bloggear.

¡ Y Que Viva el Spanglish!

Dos años se pasaron volando...

Bésame…bésame mucho.

Take a walk around any part of el DF and you’ll notice something interesting: people in Mexico City are not shy in practicing public displays of affection.

It’s weird to post these pictures because they are kind of voyeuristic, and yet this says a lot about Mexicans in the capital, their passions and intense relationships.

Besos, abrazos, semi make out sessions and other forms of PDA’s are evident all over town, and would make anybody back in the US blush a little, yet here they are casual and normal.

I saw a couple kiss each other goodbye at the metro station and almost wanted to tell them “Oh get a room!” or the otherwise appropriate “No coman pan en frente de los pobres”.

Amor de la calle.

“quiero tenerte muy cerca, mirarme en tus ojos, verte junto a mi…” escribió Consuelito Velazquez.

Hand in Hand, 2 men walk together in La Condesa.

Beso matutino. 11 am por la Avenida de la Reforma.

Siamese lovers joined at the hip. Even at a museum exhibit, these 2 would not let go of each other.