Save Thanksgiving!!! Target opening at 9pm. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Every year, parece que los Holidays llegan way to soon. This year it wasn’t even mid-October when Target was running their “Holidays are Here” spot on tv.

And today I’m reading that Target is opening their stores in advance of Black Friday on Thanksgiving Night (Thursday) at 9pm.

Hey, Target: WTF???

Is nothing sacred anymore? Not even THE one night in which our founding fathers dedicated a meal to being GRATEFUL and coming together? This has me very upset, and I don’ even work at Target. Imagine how the employees must feel to have their free time with family cut back every year: First they started with a 4 am opening, then earlier to 12 am, now they’re opening the night of…just very disappointing. (Last year I wrote a similar post on the subject, although maybe it was a little more eloquent. Right now I’m just pissed off that Turkey Day is evaporating even as we speak.)

You can call me a grinch or a party pooper, but I will not be participating in the Black Friday mad house and over the top hoopla that marketers and retailers are hell bent on pushing over us. I’m done with it. 

Good thing someone had the good sense to put up a petition on where you can kindly ask Target to cease and desist from this madness and Save Thanksgiving.

You can sign it here: (I just did and there were almost 193 thousand petitions signed already. Keep ’em coming!) 

I’ll tell you one thing: I am a loyal Target shopper, but will be very disappointed if they go through with this and will probably end up boycotting them altogether this Holiday Season. Ya me cayeron gordos.

He dicho.

Holiday madness: Shop till you drop! But Target is going way too far by opening at 9pm on Thanksgiving.