It’s Margarita time.

Así es mis estimados, we’re getting closer to Cinco de Mayo. Maybe it’s the marketing behind the print ads, but I find myself craving a really good Margarita these days. Did you know it’s the most popular cocktail in the US? (According to CBS Sunday Morning.)

Earlier this year, we went to Rosa Mexicano on the Sunset Strip and I tried a Pomegranate Margarita que me encantó. It was delicious.

I’m looking for a similar recipe online and haven’t quite found it, so I guess another visit is in order. The texture is an amazing liquid “raspadito” that is tangy, sweet and sour. A few other spots in LA must have similar versions, so it’s time to explore.

Who wants to come with to the Margarita scouting? ¿Quién dijo yo? Of course someone has to volunteer to be the designated driver. Safety first, amiguitos!