Corazoncito de Cherry

My horoscope for the month of June (June, ALREADY, geez!) said that this month I was going to experience RESPONSIBILITY in different ways, shapes and forms.

I guess that’s one way of putting it, but really, these past 2 weeks have been kind of estresantes.  No estoy yo para contarlo, but sometimes I feel I’m not equipped to deal with life’s curve balls that are pitched without warning.

I admit I’m challenged in the “Actitud Mental Positiva” department, although I try to visualize good things and confess reading self-help books to get me out of my slumps. No me da pena decirlo. But these past few days, I’ve had to make extra efforts to improve my mood and energy, and hold on to all my santitos and mantras.

And then there’s moments, like today for example, when the small things suddenly have a big impact. Like when I walked into the 7 Eleven this morning, and Danny at the checkout counter had saved me a copy of the newspaper en español before it sold out. “Ya sabía que iba a venir a buscarlo.”  Made me smile and be grateful. Thanks Danny! I don’t know you but I appreciate the thoughtfulness. (I buy La Opinion for mi abuelita everyday,  but it’s frustrating sometimes because after 8 a.m. all the plomeros y constructores buy every copy in town and I have to drive around to find it. Really, La Opinion, can’t you provide subscription service in the South Bay?)

Or this afternoon when I went to Whole Foods and bought cherries on sale. The guy acomodando la fruta y la verdura said, “Here I picked these just for you.” Why thank you, nice guy.

I get home and wash them, put them in a bowl, proceed to eat them all as I’m watching the nightly news. All the way at the bottom, just as I was finishing them, a heart shaped cherry pops up. Un corazoncito. What are the odds? Así como para recordarme to practice an attitude of gratitude. 

So…not to read anything specific into it, but I’m taking it as a good sign. Better days ahead, people. Better days ahead. And more cherries.


Bits of my Summer 2012

Summer is flying past us and here we are at the end of July. The Olympic Games start tomorrow, the weather is hot, and stores are all putting up their “back to school” promotions with backpacks and cool outfits that make me want to go to class and go shopping.

Pues sí, maybe you’ve noticed que I’ve been absent for a while, as I try to regroup and focus on new items for the blog. But really for life- I mean who are we kidding, los asuntos de la vida nos tienen medio busy and then I remember I need to keep my readers! No me dejen ok! Gracias por seguir aquí.

En fin, it has been an eventful time. Muchas cosas going on…not to mention Greenland is melting before our very eyes and the US is under record heat waves. Pero bueeeno…seguimos. As I plan for the next few posts, here’s a few moments of my veranito, so far, in Instagram inspired moments.

Caliente! Took a little road trip to the border in Baja, ahí por el Imperial Valley en donde el calor les hace los mandados y están a few feet under sea level. (Drive by photo by my sis.)

Dicen que “ser naco es cool”…this dive bar by McArthur Park in LA se ha de llenar! El “Naco Bar” invita a la gente a que “venga a disfrutar de la vida.” Have to check it out…(Photo by Isabella.)

Such style! Amazing outfits at the movies in West LA on a Sunday in July. I want to copy both. You know angelenos have to be unique, these ladies rock!

Mid Summer pink sunset. #Nofilter

Hot Rod in the City! A Thunderbird classic in the most perfect color.

London is happening! I want these Ray Ban specs to pretend que estoy in London watching las Olimpiadas. Aren’t they cool?

Letter to N.Y. y mis momentos Kodak

Time flies and it’s already March. Where does the time go?

I’m feeling nostalgic about N.Y and I’m still not done sorting through the many photos I took this time around. It’s just a fabulous place to take your camera and explore.

If you’re old enough to remember advertising in the late 1980’s, you might recall there was a well known campaign by Kodak Mexicana, and the slogan was “recordar es volver a vivir.” So here are a few of my memory snapshots along with a favorite poem that reflects my state of mind… a “NY State of Mind,” with my respects to Billy Joel.

The poem is Letter to N.Y. by Elizabeth Bishop (for Louise Crane)


In your next letter I wish you’d say

where you are going and what you are doing;

how are the plays, and after the plays

what other pleasures you’re pursuing:


taking cabs in the middle of the night,

driving as if to save your soul

where the road goes round and round the park

and the meter glares like a moral owl


and the trees look so queer and green

standing alone in big black caves

and suddenly you’re in a different place

where everything seems to happen in waves,


and most of the jokes you just can’t catch,

like dirty words rubbed off a slate,

and the songs are loud but somehow dim

and it gets so terribly late,


and coming out of the brownstone house

to the gray sidewalk, the watered street,

one side of the buildings rises with the sun

like glistening field of wheat.


-Wheat, not oats, dear. I’m afraid

if it’s wheat it’s none of your sowing,

nevertheless I’d like to know

what you are doing and where you are going.

There's something about this place: New York City.

Post Holiday Clean-Up. It’s over, people.

Ran into Rudolph this morning on his way to storage in an alley in Pasadena. Pobrecito. Time to stay locked in for the next 11 months.

Rudolph rumbo al almacen. Hora de guardar todo lo navideño.

And so it ends, my friends. At least mañana we have the Rosca de Reyes, the last festivity of the Season para los mexicanos y latinos. Better get to la panadería tonight before the big lines tomorrow.


UPDATE- 6PM Apparently, Downtown LA did not get the memo that the party was over, and they’re still going strong with the ‘Downtown on Ice’ skating rink at Pershing Square. Walked past it this evening and they had a party rocking, even with the balmy 73 degree weather. Skating is 8 bucks a pop and I believe this is the last weekend.

Skating on a "summery" night in January at Downtown LA's Pershing Square. Jan. 5, 2012.