¡Que Viva el “Mexican Prince”! Mariachi skier is the most interesting man in Sochi

The day has finally come for the Mariachi skier and “Mexican Prince” Hubertus von Hohenlohe to compete in Sochi, and we’re praying we get some air time to se him on t.v. (Are you listening to me NBC? Mas vale que lo pongan.)

I did a blog post about him a few days ago when everyone was talking about his ski suit. This morning I saw a great interview that they did on the Today show. At one point, he drinks Margaritas and sings a cappella to Jenna Bush, la hija de George W., who now works on the Today show. (Gracias a mi Tia Silvia que me dio el heads up para que prendiera la tele.)

Not only is he competing with style and flair in a custom made mariachi ski suit in his 6TH OLYMPICS AT 55 YEARS OLD, he has a bunch of other interests that make him a really super cool dude. He’s a photographer, a businessman and has his very own rock band called -what else- Royal Disaster. Love him!

From the Today show interview, Hubertus Von Hohenlohe carries the Mexican flag at the opening ceremonies in Sochi. He is the only athlete from México.

From the Today show piece, Hubertus von Hohenlohe carries the Mexican flag at the opening ceremonies in Sochi. He is the only athlete from México.

Please take a look  at this video and meet the “most interesting man in Sochi”. Good life lessons learned here.

And while not everybody can pursue their passions at any expense, it does make you realize you just have to go for it, “have fun with it” and try to do it in style, because style lives on forever.

Su alteza real, Príncipe Hubertus von Hohenlohe, soy su fan!

Click here to go to the link on the Today show. “The Most Interesting Man in Sochi.”

Happy Weekend everybody.

Nice try, William Levy


4 shots taken with the iPhone from the Season Finale of Dancing With the Stars on ABC. William Levy came in 3rd place.

Pues he didn’t win the disco ball trophy de Dancing With the Stars, pero como dicen por ahí: No gano pero como me divierto. Call me “wishy washy” pero…in the end, despite my earlier criticism, I ended up rooting for William Levy. So it was kind of disappointing to see him in 3rd place. Pero reconozco que le echó muchas ganas.

(De veras que sometimes ni yo me entiendo!)

Anywhoo, it’s just another reality show coming to and end. Which means, ahi vienen los Summer reruns.

Sofía Vergara proves Latinos are thriving in the new marketplace

It’s been a beautiful year so far for the lovely Ms. Sofia Vergara, and she is not shy in admitting she is turning 40 this summer.  Hey, it’s about time we all embraced that milestone.

Sofia Vergara on the cover for the April 2012 "InStyle" issue.

Take a look at her 2012 so far: Continued Hit TV Show on ABC: Check. Emmy Award for the show: Check. Modeling Contracts Galore: Check. Vanity Fair Oscar Party sitting next to Tom Ford: Check. Gigantic Times Square Ad: Check. Cover of the new InStyle for April: Check.

Not bad for la colombiana que conocemos desde hace muuucho, back cuando era más famosa por ser amiga de los famosos y por ser bonita. She’s come a long way and I don’t know about you, pero a mi me da mucho gusto. I guess at first we didn’t give her much credit, but she has proven to be a genuinely funny and talented actress. There, I said it. I don’t care if she turns out to be a diva like Salma or a little ditzy like Charo. She’s earned my respect. It takes a lot of guts and patience to make it big the way she’s made it in Hollywood and on Madison Avenue.

A gigantic Sofia Vergara and her Pepsi ad hover over Times Square in New York. Photo by Yours Truly. February 2012.

Photoclip from VanityFair.com. Photo by Getty Images. Sofia with Tom Ford (left) and her boyfriend Nick Loeb at the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in LA.

I read this article today on AdWeek and was impressed with how los big shot americanous en marketing view the advertising and branding opportunities que los latinos (y los latino “wannabes”) representan.

Of course this is not the discovery of the holy grail, but it’s always nice to hear, right?  There are many IMPORTANT people trailing our habits, tracking what we spend on, keeping an eye on who we like and trying to figure out what we will like in the future.

Here’s a clip of the story:

From the website AdWeek.com

“Old Brands, New Faces” by T.L. Stanley

Take a look at Sofia Vergara. Go ahead—everybody else is.

The Colombian bombshell is hard to miss these days: striking a pose on newsstands (Cosmopolitan, Shape), selling her fashion line at Kmart stores, hawking Diet Pepsi during the Super Bowl, and keeping us laughing out loud on ABC’s Emmy-winning Modern Family, TV’s top-rated comedy.

Vergara joins stars including Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes and Selena Gomez who constitute the face of the “now” America and to whom brands are turning to reach consumers across diverse and evolving cultural and demographic constituencies.

Vergara in particular is “a role model and a poster child for crossing over from Spanish-language media to mainstream U.S. success,” explains Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, a Hispanic marketing expert at the firm Walton|Isaacson in Los Angeles, referring to the star’s beginnings on telenovelas. “Almost no other Latina has done that, and she’s managed to become a powerhouse without ever forgetting who she is and where she came from. She didn’t shed her Hispanic-ness.”

Keep reading article HERE: Adweek. The article is featured on the current Hispanic Issue.

Wordless Wednesday: Macy’s Glamorama LA benefit for AIDS Project LA

@Orpheum Theater DTLA

Show begins.

De rojo.

Black on black.

Multiplied dancers.

Inspired by Keith Haring.

Tribute to La Liz. Very moving.

Sharon Stone.

Rachel Rachel Roy. (me gusta!)

More Rachel Rachel Roy.

More RRR.

Colorblocking. (RRR)

Peek a boo. (RRR)

Black and White. (Tracy Reese)

More Tracy Reese.

Very feminine. Tracy Reese.

Papi. (That's what the calzones brand is named, ok.)

More Papi. (Más calzones!)

Cee-Lo Green sang "F...You!"

Jennifer Love Hewitt as she exits the show.

It's a wrap!

Charlie’s Angels is back. And we have a giveaway!

The fall season is here and I can’t help but be intrigued by the new version of Charlie’s Angels. (O “Los Angeles de Charlie,” como les decíamos en mi casa.)

They're back! Los Angeles de Charlie, versión 2011.

Yes, the fabulous tv show we all grew up with in the 70’s (for those of you who were around then…) is back on tv, starting next Thursday September 22 at 8 pm on ABC.

That's a good looking cast: Ramón Rodriguez, Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, and Rachael Taylor from "Charlie's Angels"

Drew Barrymore returns as executive producer of the show, after producing the hit movies in the early 2000’s and making the series hip again. (Me cae SUPER bien la Drew, además de que me encanta que sea muy lista para el show business y para producir cosas exitosas.)

The premise looks good, with a new cast and a new setting in beautiful Miami. The Angels are Abby (Rachael Taylor), Eve (Minka Kelly), and Kate (Annie Ilonzeh) but now we even have a Hispanic guy in the mix, Ramon Rodríguez, who plays Bosley.

Hey, it would not make sense for it to take place in Miami and not include alguien que al menos parezca latino.

¡Es guapo! Ramón Rodriguez es Bosley.

Here’s a preview of the show.

And now for some great news: To celebrate the launch of the new show, we have a giveaway for Life in Spanglish readers. (Ustedes saben quienes son.)

One (1) lucky reader will win a $50 Visa Cash Card! The card is valid worldwide so I can send it to you even if you don’t live in the USA.

For a chance to win please do the following , it’s easy!

  • Leave a comment BELOW and tell me who is your favorite angel (from the original TV show or movie)

The winner will be randomly selected and announced next Thursday Sept. 22.

Good luck! Y gracias por participar.

UPDATE::: And the winner is APRIL M. Thank you all for participating!



La J-Lo tiene más vidas que un gato.

According to People Magazine, Jennifer Lopez is the World's Most Beautiful Woman. (Photo from People.com)

Pues fea no es… ¿pero J-Lo as the “Most Beautiful Woman”? Tampoco es para tanto, People!

Como que le han dado muchas alas últimamente a la Jenny from the Block. Parece que the Idol judging thing has really helped her carreer again y’knoww?? (asi como dice ella).  She’s a spokesperson for Maybelline and Gucci; they won’t stop playing her annoying Lamabada song on the radio (que copiona eres J-Lo, de veras) and she’s on TV during the week, so now with this magazine cover there’s no avoiding her newest comeback. Is this a Ryan Seacrest deal? I would not be surprised. Hay que ver quienes escogen a los Most Beautiful and what their parameters are.  I say it’s fixed!

(Just for the record, my vote is for Natalie Portman: Beauty AND Brains.)

Cookbooks Galore

Cookbooks para todos en el Barnes and Noble.

Spring is here, Easter is coming up, and just from browsing at my local Barnes and Noble, it seems everybody is coming out with a new cookbook.

I don’t know about you but every time I see a shiny cookbook, it makes me want to just go out and cook something new. It does inspire me. I guess that’s the whole point behind the marketing strategy. You can cook like these chefs, so called chefs, and celebrities (so they say) but am I a regular cook? Not by a long shot. Who has the time nowadays?

So I was surprised to see a new cookbook by Eva Longoria, the Desperate Housewife, globe-trotting, UCLA student (she’s getting a master’s degree in Chicano studies, thank you very much) and Latino activist who supports mental health issues, children’s health, among a bunch of other causes.  Apparently this multi-tasker still has time to prepare home cooked meals for her familia. Or so the book implies, as there’s plenty of pictures of Eva peeling veggies, in the kitchen, con su mamá y sus tías, moviendo el sartén. Hmmm, I have a feeling it’s more her mom and tías that do the cooking. Just saying!  Anyway, it’s called “Eva’s Kitchen” and has the typical “latina” or mexican-latino fusion inspired recipes, with glossy, colorful pictures.

Eva Longoria's new cookbook is called "Eva's Kitchen."

Otra que no se queda atrás es la Gwyneth Paltrow, the overachiever everybody loves to hate. I am currently on “la-gwyneth-otra-vez -me-está- cayendo-gorda mode” but it is always shifting. (I have a love-hate relationship with her, which is more than I can say for the blogging community, which loves to hate her… but I digress.)

Goop's book. "My Father's Daughter" (Photo from Eater.com)

La Goop herself  just came out with a cookbook called “My Father’s Daughter” and everybody on the online foodie blogs came out to bash her, yet again, for her snobby, better than thou, life is perfect attitude. She can really annoy the hell out of people. But truth be told, she’s very talented, she can sing, hablar español, has good style and good genes. Enough said.

One of the tweets I follow on Twitter, Ruth Bourdain (fictional account that mashes Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain’s point of view, you should follow it!) had a funny tweet the other day regarding the book:

So I was surprised when I happened to like the book, after browsing through it, and thinking, I really want to get it. Dammit! I loved the look and feel of the book, it has beautiful photos, the recipes look delicious, and achievable. Pero es de la Gwyneth, así que…I’ll admit:

Si tuviera an extra $30 bucks I might consider purchasing it. But since I don’t, right now I’ll just admire it at the bookstore and wait till it goes on sale, eventually.

Lo que me llamó la atención es que nowhere in the book, and I mean nowhere, is it mentioned that she is married to Chris Martin. Not in the acknowledgements to everybody who is important in her life, not in the thank you’s, not even in the back flap bio. Hmmm. That sounds weird to me.


UPDATE: So I was mistaken: looks like they are still together. Chris Martin was at her NYC book presentation-private dinner this week.

Here’s the link to the NYT photogallery. (Click here) Nice party! Ah the beautiful people.

And here’s the link to the companion article, Click:   She acts, she sings, she cooks?

Is Gwyneth trying to be the new Martha? (Photo from NYT.com)