New Spanish TV Network debuts in the fall: MundoFox

Big news in TV Land today…en Español!

According to a press release today by the AP, MUNDOFOX, a new Spanish broadcast television network is launching in the fall. It will be the Spanish version of FOX (owned by Rupert Murdoch, ya saben que no tiene la mejor presencia en los medios lately) and it will try to appeal to the Hispanic viewer. Ya ven como sí nos quieren mucho en este país y el español no se está acabando, como muchos creen.

Pues let me tell you one thing, Mundo Fox: lest you change your tone on politics and your own political agendas pushed by NewsCorp., I won’t be that tempted to watch. But if you have smart, modern and well produced shows that don’t feature morning tv hosts doing dance numbers with Mambo and ChaCha, or scripted sitcoms that don’t follow the recent fiasco of “Rob” (sorry Eugenio Derbez, I really wanted to like you on this show) then maybe that will lure us in.

They are partnering with los productores colombianos RCN, which made Betty La Fea (only like one of the best telenovelas EVER, which I used to watch religiously and blog about) among other smash hits. So it should be interesting to say the least.

Here’s the press release. Click to read. Let’s see what happens and how Telemundo and Univision react.

News Corp plans US Spanish-language broadcaster:

Esta semana voy a ver “The Latino List” on HBO

This week HBO premieres a new documentary that I’m excited to see. “The Latino List” presents 25 influential Latinos who’ve had an impact in society and who represent us in one way or another, in this day and age in the USA.

The movie has an interesting mix of personalities in all trades, from pop culture and music icons (Pitbull, los Estefan) to politics (Henry Cisneros) to actors (John Leguizamo, America Ferrara, the ubiquitous Eva Longoria) and other faces you’ll recognize. There are writers (Sandra Cisneros), media personalities (El Piolín, Eduardo Sotelo) and even Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor.

I’m also happy to see it because, earlier this year, the production company that produced this documentary contacted me and asked for a photo of the financial mentor Julie Stav  that I took a few years ago. It was during an event honoring accomplished women and Julie was part of that group. Me cayó super bien la Julie, y le tomé una foto que después puse en la reseña del evento aquí en este blog. (How they found it I don’t know, pero me dio mucho gusto that the producers wanted to include it.) I’m not sure my picture made the final cut, but I’m excited to see the documentary nevertheless. La próxima vez que vea a Ms. Stav, I’m going to have to tell her this story.

So here’s the synopsis below and if you have HBO, the documentary premieres this Weds. Sept 28 at 9pm on HBO Latino and Thursday, September 29 at 8 pm on HBO. No se la pierdan!

Screen shot from

¿Quién vio los Emmys? Apparently not mucha gente.

So the Emmy Awards were on last night and even though I was kind of curious, I skipped it. No particular reason, I was busy with other stuff and it just did not have much of an appeal for me this year.

I guess I wasn’t alone, since the ratings dropped yet again, for like the 4th year in a row, according to this link on HuffPo, but since they keep going against the football games on the other networks, it’s no surprise.

Yet after reading the recaps, there was a moment I would’ve liked to watch. It was the award for best actress in a comedy, which went to Melissa McArthy, the actress from Mike and Molly. Never have watched the show on CBS, to be honest, but I guess she must be good in it because she beat out TINA FEY, Martha Plimpton, EDIE FALCO!!, Amy Poehler, and LAURA LINNEY. Tough category!

All of the nominees stood up on stage, holding hands, Miss Universe beauty pageant style. It was so refreshing to show genuine support and a true feminine bond in an industry that thrives on antagonizing women against each other.  When Melissa was announced, she got a tiara, flowers, an Emmy, and everyone was happy for her. Aqui entre nos,  it was really sweet to see that she was recognized for her work, a pesar de ser la gordita del grupo. (Pero ese es ooootro tema, we need to see more real people on screen.)

To read about the Best and Worst moments from the show, click here for the review from the Los Angeles Times.

Arriba las Mujeres!! Great TV moment, las nominadas a Best Actress in a Comedy Role, presented as a Beauty Pageant: Tina Fey, Martha Plimpton, Mellisa McArthy, Amy Poehler, Edie Falco, and Laura Linney. (Photo from LA Times)

And the winner is... Melissa McArthy. Rob Lowe puts on the tiara. Nice! (Photo from LA Times)

¡Qué Guapa! Latinas represent. Sofía Vergara from the award winning show "Modern Family." Photo: Frazer Harrison/ Grazer images.

Charlie’s Angels is back. And we have a giveaway!

The fall season is here and I can’t help but be intrigued by the new version of Charlie’s Angels. (O “Los Angeles de Charlie,” como les decíamos en mi casa.)

They're back! Los Angeles de Charlie, versión 2011.

Yes, the fabulous tv show we all grew up with in the 70’s (for those of you who were around then…) is back on tv, starting next Thursday September 22 at 8 pm on ABC.

That's a good looking cast: Ramón Rodriguez, Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, and Rachael Taylor from "Charlie's Angels"

Drew Barrymore returns as executive producer of the show, after producing the hit movies in the early 2000’s and making the series hip again. (Me cae SUPER bien la Drew, además de que me encanta que sea muy lista para el show business y para producir cosas exitosas.)

The premise looks good, with a new cast and a new setting in beautiful Miami. The Angels are Abby (Rachael Taylor), Eve (Minka Kelly), and Kate (Annie Ilonzeh) but now we even have a Hispanic guy in the mix, Ramon Rodríguez, who plays Bosley.

Hey, it would not make sense for it to take place in Miami and not include alguien que al menos parezca latino.

¡Es guapo! Ramón Rodriguez es Bosley.

Here’s a preview of the show.

And now for some great news: To celebrate the launch of the new show, we have a giveaway for Life in Spanglish readers. (Ustedes saben quienes son.)

One (1) lucky reader will win a $50 Visa Cash Card! The card is valid worldwide so I can send it to you even if you don’t live in the USA.

For a chance to win please do the following , it’s easy!

  • Leave a comment BELOW and tell me who is your favorite angel (from the original TV show or movie)

The winner will be randomly selected and announced next Thursday Sept. 22.

Good luck! Y gracias por participar.

UPDATE::: And the winner is APRIL M. Thank you all for participating!



Lopez Tonight is cancelled. There goes the only Latino on late nite.

Pues qué lastima. Maybe you heard of the surprise cancellation of George Lopez’  late night show “Lopez Tonight” on TBS. Maybe you care or maybe you don’t (most people I know don’t care and didn’t really watch it) but today people are talking about it online, on the radio and on the news.

As an occasional viewer, I was sometimes turned off by his sense of humor (not my cup of tea, es muy “pesado” para mis gustos) and the midnight hour/schedule…too late for me. But I was pleased that he had the airtime and the show going, if only because of the ego, el orgullo de que un mexicano from the San Fernando Valley could make it to the big leagues. I guess what I’m trying to say is I did not really like his show as a viewer, but I’m sad it will no longer be on TV every night. (Does this make any sense?)

I went to a show taping once and let me tell you, George and his staff were true professionals. Those people work their butts off non-stop during the live taping. He is actually a very cool guy in person, chistoso, simpático y decente. But on tv he creates this persona that has to be constantly pushing the limits and can turn offensive (just ask Kirstie Alley about the piggy jokes!) Yet he was gracious enough to move over his time slot so Conan O’Brien could come to TBS with his new show last year, after his exit drama at NBC…So I’m sure this cancellation has got to hurt.

From his Twitter feed @georgelopez, getting all sorts of messages from fans and other comedians. He also tweeted to thank everyone for the support..

Here’s a link from the LA Times that describes his monologue from last night’s show, taped just after the cancellation was announced. Vamos a ver que dice hoy en la noche, a lo mejor se le ve un poquito más ardido, or maybe he decides to keep taking the high road and not speak against the guys who cancelled him…for this we’ll be tuning in.  The last show airs tonight at midnight on TBS.

Anthony Bourdain en Cuba!

The man loves pork. (And I love the man!) Anthony Bourdain in Cuba, July 11.

I ran into this promo today for “No Reservations” with my favorite guy in the world, Anthony Bourdain. (Bourdain Bourdain Bourdain, I just love your last name.)

Needless to say, I will be watching this episode, but also, after watching this clip, I’m about ready to book a trip to La Habana right now!! I would have to go via Mexico of course.

Miren nomas que belleza de fotografías! Y de fotógrafo, Roberto Salas. You can tell this is the kind of interview that gets Bourdain all juiced up, the kind of people he loves to meet in his travels.

All new episodes begin with No Reservations Cuba, which airs July 11 on the Travel Channel.

El amor platónico de Tessa y Oleg

Cómo les quedó el ojo con el capítulo de anoche con la mexicana y el ruso, eh?

Todos sabemos que “they’re made for each other,” pero también que hay amores que no pueden ser. Maybe in another lifetime.

Cuando Oleg le dice a su Tessa que “she’s the one“…pero que la prefiere de socia y amiga, se me hizo chiquito el corazón. Ay Oleg!!

Son lo máximo estos últimos capítulos de La Reina del Sur. ¡Animo mexicana!!! Tú puedes…Duro con ellos!

El gran final de La Reina del Sur es el lunes 30 de mayo por Telemundo.

Cuando Oleg le dice a su Tessa "Yo hubiera podido enamorarme locamente de ti, habría sido fácil...eres inteligente, hermosa, valiente...pero a cambio hubiera perdido a una gran socia y amiga..." creo que todas sufrimos.