Sofía Vergara proves Latinos are thriving in the new marketplace

It’s been a beautiful year so far for the lovely Ms. Sofia Vergara, and she is not shy in admitting she is turning 40 this summer.  Hey, it’s about time we all embraced that milestone.

Sofia Vergara on the cover for the April 2012 "InStyle" issue.

Take a look at her 2012 so far: Continued Hit TV Show on ABC: Check. Emmy Award for the show: Check. Modeling Contracts Galore: Check. Vanity Fair Oscar Party sitting next to Tom Ford: Check. Gigantic Times Square Ad: Check. Cover of the new InStyle for April: Check.

Not bad for la colombiana que conocemos desde hace muuucho, back cuando era más famosa por ser amiga de los famosos y por ser bonita. She’s come a long way and I don’t know about you, pero a mi me da mucho gusto. I guess at first we didn’t give her much credit, but she has proven to be a genuinely funny and talented actress. There, I said it. I don’t care if she turns out to be a diva like Salma or a little ditzy like Charo. She’s earned my respect. It takes a lot of guts and patience to make it big the way she’s made it in Hollywood and on Madison Avenue.

A gigantic Sofia Vergara and her Pepsi ad hover over Times Square in New York. Photo by Yours Truly. February 2012.

Photoclip from Photo by Getty Images. Sofia with Tom Ford (left) and her boyfriend Nick Loeb at the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in LA.

I read this article today on AdWeek and was impressed with how los big shot americanous en marketing view the advertising and branding opportunities que los latinos (y los latino “wannabes”) representan.

Of course this is not the discovery of the holy grail, but it’s always nice to hear, right?  There are many IMPORTANT people trailing our habits, tracking what we spend on, keeping an eye on who we like and trying to figure out what we will like in the future.

Here’s a clip of the story:

From the website

“Old Brands, New Faces” by T.L. Stanley

Take a look at Sofia Vergara. Go ahead—everybody else is.

The Colombian bombshell is hard to miss these days: striking a pose on newsstands (Cosmopolitan, Shape), selling her fashion line at Kmart stores, hawking Diet Pepsi during the Super Bowl, and keeping us laughing out loud on ABC’s Emmy-winning Modern Family, TV’s top-rated comedy.

Vergara joins stars including Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes and Selena Gomez who constitute the face of the “now” America and to whom brands are turning to reach consumers across diverse and evolving cultural and demographic constituencies.

Vergara in particular is “a role model and a poster child for crossing over from Spanish-language media to mainstream U.S. success,” explains Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, a Hispanic marketing expert at the firm Walton|Isaacson in Los Angeles, referring to the star’s beginnings on telenovelas. “Almost no other Latina has done that, and she’s managed to become a powerhouse without ever forgetting who she is and where she came from. She didn’t shed her Hispanic-ness.”

Keep reading article HERE: Adweek. The article is featured on the current Hispanic Issue.

Estos argentinos se pintan solos para la publicidad.

Tengo una amiga muy querida que recién se fue a vivir a Buenos Aires. Y gracias a la magia del facebook, me presentó estos fabulosos anuncios de la pasta Luchetti.

Aquí en los U.S. los argentinos están super cotizados como creativos. No wonder! Son lo máximo, pero no hay que decirlo en voz alta, luego se les sube un poquito a la cabeza…. (Un saludo a mis amiguitos argentinos, es con cariño eh.)

Gracias Laura Fosado por compartirnos estos links: Luchetti Relax y Luchetti Diana Arroz.