Great article from the NYT on Immigration

Hey… it’s Monday.

Perdónenme el San Lunes but I just want to post a link to a great article I read this morning on the metro (I’m not done reading it todavía, but it’s great reporting as usual from the NYT and worth a read.)

Here comes 2012 and the elections and the never ending conversation/debate/issue that is Immigration. Brace yourselves, people. There’s more to come.

To read: “Crossing Over, and Over” from Damien Cave for the New York Times, click HERE.

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Esta semana voy a ver “The Latino List” on HBO

This week HBO premieres a new documentary that I’m excited to see. “The Latino List” presents 25 influential Latinos who’ve had an impact in society and who represent us in one way or another, in this day and age in the USA.

The movie has an interesting mix of personalities in all trades, from pop culture and music icons (Pitbull, los Estefan) to politics (Henry Cisneros) to actors (John Leguizamo, America Ferrara, the ubiquitous Eva Longoria) and other faces you’ll recognize. There are writers (Sandra Cisneros), media personalities (El Piolín, Eduardo Sotelo) and even Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor.

I’m also happy to see it because, earlier this year, the production company that produced this documentary contacted me and asked for a photo of the financial mentor Julie Stav  that I took a few years ago. It was during an event honoring accomplished women and Julie was part of that group. Me cayó super bien la Julie, y le tomé una foto que después puse en la reseña del evento aquí en este blog. (How they found it I don’t know, pero me dio mucho gusto that the producers wanted to include it.) I’m not sure my picture made the final cut, but I’m excited to see the documentary nevertheless. La próxima vez que vea a Ms. Stav, I’m going to have to tell her this story.

So here’s the synopsis below and if you have HBO, the documentary premieres this Weds. Sept 28 at 9pm on HBO Latino and Thursday, September 29 at 8 pm on HBO. No se la pierdan!

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Oaxaca community thrives in Madera, California. (By way of the NYTimes)

It’s always nice when you see positive things being said about Mexican immigrants in the US, even though it’s also also a bit of a rarity these days.

So it’s very interesting to read that the New York Times published a feature article today that mentions, in an enthusiastic tone, some of the contributions of a community of Mexican people living in the US. In this case, it’s Oaxacan immigrants in the city of Madera, California.

This Oaxacan community has established itself right in the “mero ombligo de California” all the while keeping their strong working values and ethics, love of their culture and capacity to farm and produce healthy, organic crops.

So,  Muchas Gracias New York Times for alerting us about it. Sounds like a little field trip for me. Just reading it makes me want to go grocery shopping to this place.

You can read the article “Markets Evoke Memories of Mexico” by Patricia Leigh Brown HERE and see the fabulous photogallery by Jim Wilson HERE.

The NY Times story was published today, August 3, 2011.

Frivolous Friday Fun, puro chisme.

Es viernes, por fin. Yay!

Después de una semanita medio heavy, allow me to indulge in a little pop culture fix. Me puse a revisar mis online guilty pleasures y me encontré con varias cosas/happenings de esta semana:

1. Ricky Martin is back to his brunette ways, thank God! Remember his wild Guero phase? He was just messing with his God given beauty but somebody must’ve made him come to his senses.

This photo was taken on a trip to Buenos Aires, where he met with La Presidenta, Cristina Fernández. From StarTracks today:

OK now Ricky, looking better. Don't go get all loco on us again with the blonde mullet. (Photo:

2. From this week: Shakira wants us to know she’s all hot and heavy these days and just premiered her Rabiosa video/song which is very racy, to say the least. She’s a brunette flapper in a club and a pole dancer, with an emphasis on the pole dancer part….

I’m not gonna get all preachy y santurrona on you, but I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’ve lost all respect for her as an artist.  (Just saying!) Como puso alguien en el youtube “¿En donde quedó aquella artista que cantaba con la guitarra y componía buena música?” and “Congratulations on all your new fans that like your empty music.” Ouch! Some even wrote unflattering descriptions of her, the least of which is “es una vulgar,” pero eso sí, ya tiene more than 13 million hits su video! (And by the way, the song says “Featuring Pitbull” which is nowhere to be found on the video.)

Shakira and the pole. Really Shakira? There have to be other ways of feeling empowered as a woman...Super TACHA. (Foto from

3. Según People en Españ, ahora resulta que Jenni Rivera está disculpándose por las últimas faltas de respeto a sus fans, tanto ella como las de su hermano. Yeah right…Cuéntenme una de vaqueros. A esta familia les encanta el escándalo. Finísimas personas, ellos.

From "Estoy apenada por lo que el público ve en estos videos."

Quibooole…Mr. Obama ya está hablando español

Mr. Obama habla buen español!!! Click on the video for a wonderful speech at the White House’s Cinco de Mayo Party by the President of the USA.

I guess he’s going to need to practice his Spanish more now that he’s going after the Latino vote in 2012. And it’s going to come in handy when he follows up on his promise of immigration reform and he deals with all the Hispanic leaders. (I have yet to believe it’s going to happen soon, pero quien sabe.)

Lovely and cute moment there when he lets everybody know that you don’t come between first lady Michelle Obama and her tamales. Doesn’t she look amazing? Que mujer tan guapa, de veras.

(Thanks April M. for the head’s up. I really enjoyed it.)

It’s Cinco de Mayo, the most “gringo” of Mexican holidays

Ready for a Margarita? It’s that time of year again, when the USA celebrates a Mexican historical event nobody in Mexico even remembers. (It’s NOT Mexican Independence Day, people, please!)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! The unofficial Mexican-est holiday in the US and the historic date nobody in Mexico cares for.

La Batalla de Puebla took place in 1862 and will be commemorated all across the USA with mariachi music and cheap margarita mix.  As I retweeted from Vanity Fair this morning: “Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for the day when every lame bar brings out the tacky decorations and jacks up the price of Corona and Cuervo.” And you want taquitos with that? Or some basic quesadillas con carne? All the chefs  came out with boring “mexican inspired” recipes this morning on the morning shows.

Salud Señores! Yo paso. I’d rather be at the sushi happy hour with a Sapporo and sashimi, thank you very much.

50 million Latinos and counting…

Puros Latinos. Just like the Census from 2010 says. (Photo from Fiesta Broadway 2010, by yours truly.)

Did you hear? Ya somos más, un montonal.

You probably didn’t need census results to know Hispanics in the USA are the largest minority, but this week’s news makes it more official. 50 million of us is a new milestone. At this rate, nos estamos multiplicando más rápido que cualquier otro ethnic minority (que de minority no le veo nada) en este país.

Analysts, experts, sociologists and politicians will all ponder exactly how this will affect everything from business and marketing strategies, political maps, social services, job creations, you name it. I guess it’s good to be in the news.

Here’s a link you may want to follow up. Link from KTLA in Los Angeles.