¡Que Viva el “Mexican Prince”! Mariachi skier is the most interesting man in Sochi

The day has finally come for the Mariachi skier and “Mexican Prince” Hubertus von Hohenlohe to compete in Sochi, and we’re praying we get some air time to se him on t.v. (Are you listening to me NBC? Mas vale que lo pongan.)

I did a blog post about him a few days ago when everyone was talking about his ski suit. This morning I saw a great interview that they did on the Today show. At one point, he drinks Margaritas and sings a cappella to Jenna Bush, la hija de George W., who now works on the Today show. (Gracias a mi Tia Silvia que me dio el heads up para que prendiera la tele.)

Not only is he competing with style and flair in a custom made mariachi ski suit in his 6TH OLYMPICS AT 55 YEARS OLD, he has a bunch of other interests that make him a really super cool dude. He’s a photographer, a businessman and has his very own rock band called -what else- Royal Disaster. Love him!

From the Today show interview, Hubertus Von Hohenlohe carries the Mexican flag at the opening ceremonies in Sochi. He is the only athlete from México.

From the Today show piece, Hubertus von Hohenlohe carries the Mexican flag at the opening ceremonies in Sochi. He is the only athlete from México.

Please take a look  at this video and meet the “most interesting man in Sochi”. Good life lessons learned here.

And while not everybody can pursue their passions at any expense, it does make you realize you just have to go for it, “have fun with it” and try to do it in style, because style lives on forever.

Su alteza real, Príncipe Hubertus von Hohenlohe, soy su fan!

Click here to go to the link on the Today show. “The Most Interesting Man in Sochi.”

Happy Weekend everybody.

OSCAR’s 2013 chisme and favorite moments

After the marathon show that was the 2013 Oscars, I think I’m gonna miss all the award shows that we were getting used to every weekend.

Personally, the Oscar show is a annual ritual for me, almost like an obsession where I sit in front of my tv and don’t move until it’s over. It’s been like that toda mi vida. What can I say, I’m a sucker for celebrities and Hollywood stuff. Yo hablo de los artistas como si fueran mis compas…

This year all the award shows seemed more exciting, with plenty of good movies to see and root for. It was a chance to see my two favorite men, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper again and again.

I’m glad Argo won and Ben Affleck got his Oscar for best picture (although my sentimiental favorite was Silver Linings Playbook which I saw 3 TIMES!) and made a wonderful, messed up speech que me hizo llorar un poquito. I saw it when he won with Matt Damon 15 years ago for writing Good Will Hunting, and it made me think of all those years in between when we thought we’d lost him, como decia mi amigo Alex. But he made it through!

Tambien me da gusto por la Jennifer Lawrence, although she definitely needs to work on her finesse for delivering speeches (never mind all those mishaps as she walks on stage, more on that later). But she looked beautiful nevertheless.

I was very upset that Robert De Niro didn’t win supporting actor, but I have yet to see Django Unchained, so maybe Waltz deserved it. And I can definitely say I am not a fan of Seth McFarland (really, Academy, you need to find SOMEBODY to host this thing with the grace and sophistication the show deserves.)

Other than that, me declaro fan oficial de Bradley Cooper y mi suegra, Gloria Cooper, with her feathered do and her sneakers on the red carpet, and frankly I’m a little jealous of JLaw and all the chivalrous gestures she receives from him in person and all the times he raved about her in interviews every chance he got.  Además, not only did Hugh Jackman rush to help her get up when she fell on her way up the stage, a few gifs on the internet show Bradley also running to help her. True gentlemen indeed!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the evening, taken from the Twittersphere and beyond.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are always happy to see each other. Here they are arriving at the Oscars. (photo from US Magazine Twittter)

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are always happy to see each other. Here they are arriving at the Oscars. (photo from US Magazine Twitter feed)

They have chemistry, these two. (Photo from Twitter)

They have chemistry, these two. (Photo from Twitter)

Saludando a la suegra, la mamá de Bradley Cooper, Mrs. Gloria Cooper.

Saludando a la suegra, la mamá de Bradley Cooper, Mrs. Gloria Cooper.

Like a good Italian-Irish Mama's boy, Bradley Cooper took his mom to the Oscars.

Like the good Italian-Irish Mama’s boy that he is, Bradley Cooper took his Mom to the Oscars.

¡Y que se cae la Jennifer Lawrence!

¡Y que se cae la Jennifer Lawrence!

But her two Knights in (black) shining armor went to her rescue: Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper. Suertuda!

But her two Knights in (black) shining armor went to her rescue: Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper. Suertuda!

From Ben Affleck;s Twitter: getting his Oscar engraved. Very happy for him.

From Ben Affleck;s Twitter: getting his Oscar engraved. Very happy for him.

Jimmy Fallon + Mariah Carey + The Roots = A New Christmas Classic

Here’s a great new rendition of “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, plus a few cute kids.
Click on the link to the video. I guarantee you’ll like it.

Needless to say, it got me, the official Grinch de mi familia, in a festive mood.

Could it be? Am I actually looking forward to this? Hmmm, ese Jimmy Fallon es LO MAXIMO.


From Jimmy’s Instagram. What a cool way to update a classic.

Bits of my Summer 2012

Summer is flying past us and here we are at the end of July. The Olympic Games start tomorrow, the weather is hot, and stores are all putting up their “back to school” promotions with backpacks and cool outfits that make me want to go to class and go shopping.

Pues sí, maybe you’ve noticed que I’ve been absent for a while, as I try to regroup and focus on new items for the blog. But really for life- I mean who are we kidding, los asuntos de la vida nos tienen medio busy and then I remember I need to keep my readers! No me dejen ok! Gracias por seguir aquí.

En fin, it has been an eventful time. Muchas cosas going on…not to mention Greenland is melting before our very eyes and the US is under record heat waves. Pero bueeeno…seguimos. As I plan for the next few posts, here’s a few moments of my veranito, so far, in Instagram inspired moments.

Caliente! Took a little road trip to the border in Baja, ahí por el Imperial Valley en donde el calor les hace los mandados y están a few feet under sea level. (Drive by photo by my sis.)

Dicen que “ser naco es cool”…this dive bar by McArthur Park in LA se ha de llenar! El “Naco Bar” invita a la gente a que “venga a disfrutar de la vida.” Have to check it out…(Photo by Isabella.)

Such style! Amazing outfits at the movies in West LA on a Sunday in July. I want to copy both. You know angelenos have to be unique, these ladies rock!

Mid Summer pink sunset. #Nofilter

Hot Rod in the City! A Thunderbird classic in the most perfect color.

London is happening! I want these Ray Ban specs to pretend que estoy in London watching las Olimpiadas. Aren’t they cool?

Brasil Night at Rock/Style with Macy’s and LA Times

It was a tropical night of great fashion, beautiful people and rock&roll at the annual Rock/Style event last Thursday. The scene was the classic Hollywood Roosevelt hotel by the pool, transformed into a runway for the evening.

This is a cool party the LA Times and Macy’s put on every year and this time the theme was Brasil, coinciding with Macy’s ongoing campaign at their retail stores.

Samba dancers (y sus cuerpazos) opened the show with the best samba music and outfits you could imagine. We later enjoyed three segments of fashion and music, for swimsuits, moda brasileña and preppy outfits, plus great “people watching” all the Hollywood types and “the beautiful people.”

Here are some images of a fabulous night. Thanks to my friend Martha @MarthaMacys for the invite.

Rock/Style by the LA Times and Macy’s at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel.

“Oh le le, Oh la la, pega no ganzé, pega no ganzá…” The Samba dancers were spectacular.

Swimsuits inspired by Brasil.

Moda para ir a la playa a jugar futbol.

Nightclub at the pool with a fashion show.

This is Dante. Dante es guapo…

Macy’s sponsored the event.

The beautiful people watching the show by the pool.

Preppy fashion in orange, green and blue.

Runway show finale at Rock/Style.

Beautiful trio: Yarel Ramos from mun2, Diana Ramos and Martha Gildemontes from Macy’s.

What to do in LA this Memorial Day Weekend

Ahhh, long weekends. They’re few and far between but once they come around it’s time to enjoy. Lucky for us Angelenos that we have a pretty good selection of things to do.

In case you haven’t heard, the annual HOLA MEXICO Film Fest is going on this weekend. It’s been a success for 3 years now, and you practically couldn’t get a ticket for last night’s opening night film since it was totally sold out. But if you’re in the mood for good cine en español, then head over to the Ricardo Montalbán theater in Hollywood this weekend and catch a great movie. There’s documentaries, feature films and even shorts. I have a couple of pelis I want to check out myself.  This year the theme is “ADIOS CLICHES” so there’s a great selection of movies to see.

Click HERE for the schedule and full list of movies. The fest runs till Wednesday May 30th.

On the other hand, if you’re a TRANSFORMERS fan, then surely you must be happy summer is here. The long awaited “Transformers The Ride 3D” is opening this weekend at Universal Studios Hollywood. This new attraction is a  big deal in this town, which thrives on family entertainment, so if you’re planning to go, then go early and prepare to get in line. Click here for more details and be ready to shell out the wallet, especialmente si llevan a la family.

The Transformers Ride in 3D opens this weekend at Universal Studios.

If you’re in the mood for going out, there’s a new restaurant in West Hollywood that opened recently, and I have it on good authority that it’s a great place for “Mexican inspired” food and Margaritas.

It’s called “Tortilla Republic Grill and Tequileria” (el nombre no me encanta, pero que se puede esperar de estos gringos que son wannabes paisanos) and it’s a cool spot in the heart of West Hollywood.

It’s not a typical nor authentic Mexican-Mexican food place, but rather a very fresa spot en donde seguramente you can people-watch all “the beautiful people.” Maybe I’ll check it out, ya saben como me gustan los paparrazi shots. Plus  they have “Jalapeño Margaritas” on the menu and serve Herradura Tequila, so I’m definitely intrigued. Click here for pictures and menus of the place.

Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend, and again, if you drink, please don’t drive.

Tortilla Republic is located on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood. Photo from their website tortillarepublic.com

L.U.V. = MDNA!

It was a very good week for Madonna, in all her amazing glory.  Her Super Bowl performance last Sunday was one of the best ever. On Tuesday she announced her World Tour for 2012 (she’ll be in LA on October 10th); and according to iTunes, preorders for her new album MDNA hit the top spot in 50 countries.

Amen Madonna!

We’ll have to wait a bit for her new album, which drops on March 26th. In the meantime, here’s her latest video to get the weekend going. It’s from her new single “Give Me All You Luvin'” and it features Niki Minaj and M.I.A., because that’s how you do it in this day and age to stay fresh.


Even NPR practically raves on her existence: Madonna at Halftime: What it Takes to Last.

Don’t you just admire the fact that she’s been on top of her game ever since we met her back in the 80’s?  We all remember when she was still “Like A Virgin” and declaring to Dick Clark on American Bandstand that she was going to rule the world.

She was right, you know.

Madonna at Danceteria. Courtesy Affordable Art Fair. (Love this image from Fabrik Magazine, Issue 015)