Happy 4th Blogging Anniversary to Life in Spanglish!

Thanks WordPress for remindin me of my 4th Blogging Anniversary.

Thanks WordPress for reminding me of my 4th Blogging Anniversary.

It’s been 4 years since the launch of Life in Spanglish. Where does the time go? 

Thank you to my loyal readers who stay with me, read me and keep coming back, despite my awkward silences and occasional MIA’s. I am extremely grateful you choose to spend a few minutes here and there reading and commenting, it means the world to me. Muy agradecida, muy agradecida, muy agradecida!

Another note of thanks to WordPress for providing a free outlet for my Spanglish. Special emphasis on the word GRATIS.

I looked up the traditional gifts for 4th anniversaries and they are fruit and flowers. Pero me pueden dejar un comment in lieu of the fruit basket or flower arrangement (hint hint!) asi que dejénme una florecita de comentario si gustan.

To commemorate this happy occasion, I’ve rounded up a few of my greatest hits and favorite blog posts. Take a look at my history, hope you enjoy. 

Top hits and faves from the Archive over the years:

De cuando anduve en el DF, todo el mundo on the street showing their Public Displays of Affection: Bésame, Bésame Mucho.

De cuando fui al Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico and I discovered my new favorite artist/painter: Abel Quezada: Revisiting Códice AQ de Abel Quezada

The time I spent my birthday in New York: New York City Bites or how I ate my way around Manhattan.

De cuando la Kate del Castillo kind of “lost it” on Twitter: Ooops! I think La Reina del Sur lost it.

De cuando la Jenni Rivera (rip) was so generous to a local group of cheerleaders: Random Acts of Kindness by Jenni Rivera.

De cuando la Salma Hayek brincó en una silla por miedo a las víboras: “Somebody do something!” A Salma no le gustan los snakes.

Ay si, Ay si… de cuando me entrevistaron de la BBC London (yeah, I’m still bragging about it): Hey, Life in Spanglish is on the BBC!

De cuando fui a la 99 Cents Store toda unemployed in the middle of the recession pero me sentí lo máximo porque me alcanzó el dinero, tanto that I even wrote a poem about it: Ode to the 99 Cents Store.

De cuando se fue Alex: (I miss him every day.) OK, 2009, la última y nos vamos.

Thanks for reading. God Bless!

Look forward to more blogging and keeping el Spanglish alive. Besos y Abrazos.

Pastel for breakfast? Don't mind if I do. Photo via my very own Instagram. CB2013

Pastel for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do. Photo via my very own Instagram. CB2013

Highlights from the SAG Awards: “Yo soy Demián Bichir y Soy Actor Mexicano.”

Demian Bichir during the opening of the SAG Awards ceremony last Sunday night.

Last Sunday at the SAG Awards, Demián Bichir, our Academy Award Nominee (porque es nuestro nominado!!) had a few minutes of air time right at the beginning of the show. He told a cute story of how he went to NY to drive a Taxi like De Niro and make Guacamole (at Rosa Mexicano), but my favorite line was in Spanish: Yo soy Demián Bichir y soy actor mexicano.

Very Nice!

Glad to see ha had a chance to speak and have a little bit of fun, even though he did not win. I really believed he was going to get it, but it was the French actor Jean Dujardin who took home the prize for “The Artist”. There’s still hope Demián gets the Oscar, believe me, we’re praying to San Judas Tadeo, he deserves it!

Otra que se la pasó having fun toda la noche fue Sofía Vergara, who has this Hollywood fame thing down like a true superstar.

Su trabajo le ha costado, she’s earned this the hard way. We all remember when she started out in doing lame tv shows for Univision waaay back in the 1990’s and then she couldn’t get a break as an actress. But flash forward to 2012 and she’s winning awards as part of the Modern Family ensemble, and hobnobbing with A-listers like Meryl Streep and Glenn Close. Que tal? Never rule out a beautiful woman with talent and perseverance. Go Sofía!  Here’s a picture from her twitter account:

Aqui nomas con mis new bff's: Meryl Streep, Sofia Vergara and Glenn Close at the SAG afterparties. Photo from Sofia Vergara's Twitter feed. http://www.whosay.com/sofiavergara/photos/123044

Well, Hello There Mr. 2012!

Happy New Year Everybody!

My five readers have been wondering where the heck I’ve been hiding, since it’s been A WHILE since my last post. Don’t worry, I’m still around, although I needed a few days to recoup after the Christmas break with LA FAMILIA. And then all of a sudden, the New Year crept up on me and the ball was dropping in Times Square on TV. Not to worry, I have some posts to elaborate on in the next few days, so you can see what your pochita friend was up to.

I must confess, I’m also having a bit of a blog existential crisis, as I have been going through some PROSPECTION (the act of looking forward in time or considering the future) which may or may not have to do with an upcoming birthday in February.

“Why?” you may ask. Well, it’s a big one and I won’t elaborate until I’m closer to the date. Yet somehow it has permeated a bit into “Life In Spanglish” and made me consider which material may be suitable enough for posting. I can be trite and trivial, but I do worry about the content and how to keep it fresh. You may not know this about me, but writing this blog for almost 3 years, and working on everything I post here, has been a unique joy- self serving, indulgent, mainly concerned with my own interests- and yet I am extremely surprised when I see a new reader, a comment or a follower. So of course I’m concerned with what to do next and how to keep you coming back for more.

On that note, here’s a promise to get more creative, to get more Spanglish, and to get more informative. The year 2012 looks and feels like the kind of year that will have lots to blog about. I sincerely thank you for sticking around and reading. It means the world to me.

I wish you all the best for this Año Nuevo, may it be a wonderful year for us all.

(Que no nos asusten las proyecciones de los locos, las amenazas “doomsday” y la gente que solo quiere infundir el miedo. Let’s work to make it a good year, shall we?)

Here’s a glimpse into the days I was out and about, truly a beautiful Christmas, one which yet again made us realize how blessed we are to live in Los Angeles, California. ¡Gracias Diosito por todas mis bendiciones!

The Lamps at LACMA are a great photo op. Here's a shot as the early evening progressed on one of the last days of 2011.

I'm going to need my Cinderella shoes for 2012 and all the "festejos" I need to get to. Hopefully this pair of glitter pumps from Kate Spade eventually goes on sale so I can celebrate my birthday in style.

I said it before and I'll say it again. I LOVE LA. This shot of the Miracle Mile with a pink sunset makes me wanna pinch myself. Can you believe this weather? 78 degrees throughout the day, thank you very much.

Saturday Night Quinceañera Party

La quinceañera está de vestido largo, aquí con todas sus friends.

I went to the best quinceañera party EVER last Saturday night. Of course, I am not even remotely close to the quinceañera festivities age but rather a generation above la quinceañera (no estoy yo para contarlo ni ustedes para saberlo) and I still had a fabulous time.

I think this is the first party in a long time where everyone from the baby sobrinita, to the padrinos, the tios and couples, as well as el abuelito y la abuelita, had a blast and danced the night away. Ya sabemos que a los latinos nos gusta divertinos “en bola”.

Here’s what I learned from attending the party:

  • ALWAYS have a theme and stick to it. This was a Havana nights themed party, and EVERYTHING matched the theme: the invitations, the decor, the beautiful quinceañera dresses she used, the MUSIC (at least during the dinner phase, Pérez Prado ruled the ambience) and of course, the food.
  • Girls will be girls and boys will be boys: I don’t know if this was a very “wholesome” crowd, but the kids were respectful and well behaved, and they genuinely had fun without thinking that partying with their parents was boring. Although on the dance floor the girls stuck to their all female group and the boys were “echando su desmadre” over at their corner, making funny faces and jumping up and down. Give them a couple of years…
  • Rihanna Rules. As soon as the dj played the first beat of her new song “We Found Love”, the kids went NUTS. I mean, they were screaming and singing every word of the song verbatim. (They did NOT play Katy Perry, thank God!)
  • Ditto for PitBull and LMFAO “Party rockers in the house tonight“….(Both a los chavitos y a los grandes nos gusta mucho.)
  • Salsa and Cumbias colombianas still makes us all dance. Esa música pone a bailar hasta las piedras.
  • Have a dessert and candy table in addition to the birthday cake. At the end of the night, chicos y grandes had their own “bolsita de dulces” to make and everyone left happy.

    Los chavitos baile y baile. The guys "dance" by jumping up and down and making a huddle. Girls are much more elegant!

    Hey! A los grandes también les gusta bailar. Here's a group dancing to Pitbull's "Tonight".

    The candy bar was a hit! This was just one of MANY cool and unique details that made this quinceañera party above and beyond the rest. It's all in the details, people.

¡Feliz Cumpleaños Chato! Cantinflas cumple 100 años

Uno de los mexicanos más brillantes, talentosos y famosos de la historia, Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” cumple 100 años de nacimiento el 12 de Agosto. Happy Birthday Cantinflas!!

Cantinflas cumple 100 años y lo festejarán desde hoy hasta el 11 de agosto en la Cineteca Nacional, México D.F. (Foto via revista Chilango.com) Las funciones empiezan a las 7Pm en la Sala 3.

Para celebrar, la Cineteca Nacional (el mejor cine en México, D.F., si me preguntan) está organizando festejos y screenings de sus mejores películas a partir de hoy, 4 de agosto, para conmemorar el nacimiento de Fortino Mario Alfonso Moreno Reyes (su nombre completo, via el IMDB)

Si están en el DF esta semana, no se pierdan la oportunidad de irse a disfrutar de estas funciones en la Cineteca y de irse a cantinflear.

La portada del DVD "El Bolero de Raquel."

Cantinflas era único y basta con ver algunos minutos de cualquiera de sus películas para empezar a reir a carcajadas. Aquí está un clip de “El Bolero de Raquel” con la famosa escena de baile. Es un poquito largo pero está fabuloso.

A pesar de que pasó a mejor vida en 1993, la gente todavía le tiene muchísimo cariño. Aqui en Hollywood hizo “Around the World in 80 days” con mucho éxito en 1955 y en su momento fue reconocido también por Charlie Chaplin como “the world’s greatest comedian.” (That’s a wonderful endorsement!) Alguna vez me tocó ver una entrevista en que le preguntaron a Dustin Hoffman quien es su actor favorito y respondió, “Cantinflas! I don’t understand a word he’s saying, but I know it’s fabulous acting.”

Mario Moreno "Cantinflas" en "Si yo fuera diputado" (1952)

Por fin, una buena noticia en México. ¡Que vivan los Sub17!

"We are the champions!" México Campeón Mundial de la categoría Sub 17. (Foto de El Universal, México)

Ayer domingo los chavitos de la selección mexicana  Sub 17 ganaron el Mundial de la Fifa. ¡Braaavo!

Durante todo este Mundial, que se celebró en México, demostraron ser un gran equipo y no darse por vencidos. No perdieron ningún partido. Costó sangre, sudor y lágrimas (pregúntenle al nuevo ídolo nacional, Julio Gómez, que tuvo que jugar todo descalabrado y sangrando en la semi-final contra Alemania) pero finalmente, ante más de cien mil espectadores en el Estadio Azteca del DF, pudimos saber lo que se siente ganar un mundial gracias a estos chamacos.

Aquí les pongo unas fotos de El Universal, periódico mexicano.

Después del triunfo en Pasadena hace dos semanas en la Copa de Oro y ahora con este triunfo, vamos a celebrar buenas noticias para México.

Brasil 2014, allá vamos!

Julio Gómez, nuevo ídolo nacional, jugó lastimado y así metió uno de los goles más bonitos de todo el Mundial. (Foto de El Universal, México)

La nueva moda en México es andar con la cabeza toda bendada, a la Julio Gómez. (Foto de El Universal, México)

Uff! Celebrando rumbo al Angel, pero ahora sí con trofeo y con motivos. (Foto de El Universal, México)

Esta noche me desvelo con William and Kate.

Bring out the Royal Doulton china, the English Breakfast tea, the scones and the cucumber sandwiches. I am staying up all night to watch the Wedding of the Year.

Call me frivolous and old fashioned, I am not embarrassed to admit I love “royal chismes” and revistas del corazón. It’s my (non) guilty pleasure and fix. Yes, I buy “Hola” magazine at 6 bucks a pop, and browse through it taking my own sweet time.  “El chisme también es cultura,” como alguna otra revista del corazón decía, así como para justificar esos intereses vacíos que tenemos. And frankly, I have been in social situations where my “chisme fix/cultura general” actually came to the rescue. It makes for good small talk, you know.  (Another time the chisme-paparazzi in me generated an embarassing moment, a run in with a Mexican political “celebrity” family who happened to be shopping at Loehman’s, but that’s another story.)

Anyway, I’m excited about it because 30 years ago I watched Diana and Charles’ wedding at my grandmother’s house. I remember when Lady Di got out of the car with her father and the excitement we all felt when we saw the dress. This time, GRACIAS A DIOS, I will again share the experience with my Mama Lilia, as she has told me she wants to get up to see it with me.  And that makes me very happy!

(And I know my friend Alex will sneak a bird’s eye view at Westminster, wearing his most dashing suit. He’ll probably be eavesdropping and get the scoop. He used to prepare the best teas for me, the British way, with whole milk and honey. God I miss him.)

So good luck to the couple, William and Catherine. Hope they put on a good show, hope the dress is fabulous and everybody’s happy in the end. We need happy stories. As Newsweek magazine said recently on their cover, “In a world gone mad, thank God for a wedding.”

William and Catherine, Guillermo y Catalina, Wills and Kate, Memo y Cata... call them what you will, they make a beautiful couple. (Photo by Mario Testino.)