Getting to know Nicole Richie for Macy’s Impulse

Fall is a few days away and I’d like a new wardrobe. (Who wouldn’t?)

Maybe it’s the season when people look most polished and put together, not just flip flopping in summer T’s and shorts. It’s always admirable to see someone who has beautiful style, who always looks nice. Enter Ms. Nicole Richie! Seems she is everywhere these days and she always looks amazing. Last week she launched her Nicole Richie for Macy’s Impulse Collection, as part of their ongoing designer series.

Maybe I’m late to the game, because Nicole has been a fashion icon for a while, but now that she’s been introduced  to the masses via Macy’s, and the recent Fashion Star TV Show, among all her ventures, I am a fan.

She is a smart girl with a unique style. They call her look “boho chic” and even though that’s not really my personality, there is something about the way she combines textures and prints that makes me want to look like a “new bohemian.”

Last week Macy’s held an introductory mini fashion show/breakfast for the launch of her collection at Glendale Galleria. We had a chance to see everything up close and mingle with style experts and models. And we loved every single piece.

I’m torn between choosing just a few items, but I’m sticking with the dresses. They are a fabulous deal at $69 dollars, and thumbs up to Macy’s and Nicole for keeping it real, since the range of prices is from $39 to $129, which is a pretty nice price for the rest of us.

One of the dresses reminded me of a dress my Mother used to wear in the 80’s. It had a similar look and feel to it. Se parecía mucho y me dió un flashback. No wonder, since Nicole has shared that her Mother, Brenda Richie is her influence, and she’s always looked up to her for inspiration, and to borrow the Azzadine Alaia’s from her closet…(que padre, no?)

Here are a few pictures of the fashion and the event.

Nicole Richie for Macy’s Impulse is now available at stores and online, and as with any designer collection, shop now. It’s here for a limited time only.

The runway comes to us. Nicole Richie’s Collection for Macy’s, up close at their launch event.

A lovely dress for any occasion, by Nicole Richie. Price: $69 dollars.

Three different looks, with her famous luxe bohemian style, that works for day or night.

A different trio of looks.

Very cool mix: Faux leather leggings con metal studs y una blusa con mucho “flow” in black and white.

Algunas de las fashion bloggeras que fueron a la presentación, todas tomando notas.

From a previous event, where she was interviewed about her fashion line, Nicole Richie talks about the details that make her peacock dress so unique.

The print detail is beautiful, combined with lace and chiffon.

Style and fashion sense comes from your Mother: Nicole’s Mom,Brenda Richie, recently posted this pic of them both on Twitter. So cute!

Macy’s Glamorama 2012, LA edition

The 30th annual Macy’s Glamorama fashion show benefitting AIDS Project LA was a night to remember.

The Orpheum Theater in downtown LA was a worthy setting for the fashion, the celebrities and the noble cause. I enjoyed it immensely and was particularly impressed with the production, continuing with the “British Invasion” theme that’s been popular this year. The music and the graphics were especially cool, and there was this huge video wall that made everything look bigger and brighter. It seems everyone who attended had a fabulous time. Bravo Macy’s!

Here are some photos of a fun night, hope you enjoy.

A night to remember. Macy’s Glamorama Los Angeles edition.

Sharon Stone has always supported the fight against AIDS. She spoke at the beginning of the show, insisting we must continue this fight until we have a cure.

Eduardo Verástegui enjoyed the show. Surprise to find him sitting in front of us. ¡Bella persona!

Part of the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2012 collection.

Bar III, an exclusive Macy’s brand, had the coolest graphics.

The show had it’s sexy moments… like these “British imports” on top of a double decker bus.

And then they bared almost all, up closer… taco de ojo, amiguitas!

He was in the house…Sean John, alias Diddy, observing his fashion collection on stage.

The exclusive collection Nicole Richie for Macy’s Impulse launches this week at Macy’s stores. It’s beau-ti-ful!

Designs by Rachel Rachel Roy, a recurring favorite.

If I ever wear this jumpsuit by Rachel Roy, remind me to stand in front of a midnight blue polka dotted video wall to achieve this effect. (Very cool!)

Karmin performed the song that’s all over the radio now. It’s catchy, it’s cute…

More eye candy for the ladies…Robin Thicke perfomed a few songs that made you want to make out with him. I’m not kidding! He’s hot! (Never mind that he looks a little bit like his dad in Growing Pains.)

The after party at the neighboring Cal Mart building had all sorts of goodies. This sweets table presented by LA Times Image Mag.

Patron Tequila had their own “Build your own Mojito Bar” and the line was looong! Muy padre concepto…

My personal favorite: the See’s Candies table. Needless to say, I could’ve taken all that chocolate candy.

Time to celebrate! SALUD!