Bits of my Summer 2012

Summer is flying past us and here we are at the end of July. The Olympic Games start tomorrow, the weather is hot, and stores are all putting up their “back to school” promotions with backpacks and cool outfits that make me want to go to class and go shopping.

Pues sí, maybe you’ve noticed que I’ve been absent for a while, as I try to regroup and focus on new items for the blog. But really for life- I mean who are we kidding, los asuntos de la vida nos tienen medio busy and then I remember I need to keep my readers! No me dejen ok! Gracias por seguir aquí.

En fin, it has been an eventful time. Muchas cosas going on…not to mention Greenland is melting before our very eyes and the US is under record heat waves. Pero bueeeno…seguimos. As I plan for the next few posts, here’s a few moments of my veranito, so far, in Instagram inspired moments.

Caliente! Took a little road trip to the border in Baja, ahí por el Imperial Valley en donde el calor les hace los mandados y están a few feet under sea level. (Drive by photo by my sis.)

Dicen que “ser naco es cool”…this dive bar by McArthur Park in LA se ha de llenar! El “Naco Bar” invita a la gente a que “venga a disfrutar de la vida.” Have to check it out…(Photo by Isabella.)

Such style! Amazing outfits at the movies in West LA on a Sunday in July. I want to copy both. You know angelenos have to be unique, these ladies rock!

Mid Summer pink sunset. #Nofilter

Hot Rod in the City! A Thunderbird classic in the most perfect color.

London is happening! I want these Ray Ban specs to pretend que estoy in London watching las Olimpiadas. Aren’t they cool?

Frivolous Friday post: How I love thee, Kate Spade

TGIF and Happy Friday everybody.

Can you believe it’s almost Easter? Ya falta bien poquito.

I remember when I was a kid, we used to get new dresses for Easter Sunday and we used to love it. I thought about recreating that for this year, pues traigo ganas de estrenar vestido.

So the first place I thought of  for a dress was my favorite designer, la Kate Spade. It is pretty incredible that everything she has in store is everything I would want in my closet. But you need to win the mega jackpot for that to happen.

Pero pues como soñar no cuesta nada, I was browsing through the Kate Spade website and found lovely things (although carísimas!) and came across a great ebook  made for her blog called “things we love,” and I fell in love with it.

You can see a link to the book here.

One of the pages of the "Things we Love" book on the blog from

I really like this brand, have always loved her clean designs and girly-cutesy-preppy-fresa style, but lately their branding and marketing has been so original and fresh that I take my hat off to the team behind it. It’s pure feminine inspiration. They make a jeans and t-shirt girl want to dress up, so that is a miracle.

A  few months ago I took this picture at one of their stores and I thought, my God, does Kate know me or what?

I think Kate me conoce bien, me describió a la perfección, especialmente the part about losing the umbrella and calling my grandmother. This big board decorated the cashier at Kate Spade's store.

Of course, I had this beautiful Kate Spade iPhone case last year, which was my absolute favorite thing ever, but I broke it TWICE and have not been able to use it since. They don’t make it anymore, she has new designs, but I managed to get the iPad Case on sale, so I guess I can’t complain.

You can imagine tears were shed over this one: my broken newspaper print case is now unusable. The classified NY messages circled with red lipstick are Brooklyn Book Club and Piano Lessons in NYC.

Este heatwave in the winter ya fue mucho.

Ya mero llegamos al end of the month. Se nos fue el mes de enero y yo no sé ustedes pero yo tengo calor. Aquí en California tenemos todo el mes con los weather ups and downs and constant changes, from rain to cold to warm. But today it was around 84 degrees in Pasadena, and it’s not even Spring yet! I mean, don’t let the California palm trees fool you. We are not in the tropics. LA is usually coat country during wintertime.

It did not help my cause that today I erred on the side of caution and chose to wear botas, tights, a dress, a scarf, and a wool sweater. Since I ride the metro, I never know if it’s going to be cold during the transfers, so I come prepared. Yes, I know I can check the weather report on tv, but I’m very friolenta, so I take it with a grain of salt.  Today I came a little too prepared and regretted it all day long. I kept peeling the layers until I couldn’t any longer. Ever have that feeling when your clothes just bother you all day long? That was me today.

Yet a little freshness came my way later in the day. I just went for a supermarket run this afternoon and saw these paletas de nieve. Does anybody remember “La Michoacana”? They are a local chain of aguas frescas and paletas de hielo/nieve in Mexico. We had them in my hometown by the border. I doubt these are the same paleteros I grew up with, who knows,  but I was instantly enamored with the name and the presentation… Chocoberry anyone?

Maybe that will help me deal with this heatwave until we get our next storm watch, probably by next week at the way we’re going with these tipsy weather patterns.

Chocoberry, paletas de coco y paletas de otros sabores by "La Michoacana", made in Ceres, California, not Michoacan.

It’s June already. ¿Cómo vamos?

Pues ya vamos a la mitad del año…

How’s 2011 working out for you so far? I’ve made it a point of starting the second half of the year on the right foot. (Can you believe it’s June already? My God, where does the time go?)

I had a great Memorial Day Weekend, with a Prince concert (yes, I went!); a soccer game viewing party at La Guelaguetza, Barcelona vs Manchester United (thanks to the hostess with the mostess, Bricia López)  y qué lástima que perdió el Chicharito, pero bueno, there’s more to come from him. And of course, el final de La Reina del Sur on Monday night.

As for Prince, may I just say his royal sexiness in concert on Friday night was one of the best musical experiences I’ve had in my life. It was his last weekend at the Forum and it was jam packed. And we all loved him! He sings, he dances, he makes you want to KISS…Don’t let his purple eyeshadow fool you, this is one of the sexiest and most talented men in the planet.

Friday night: His Royal Purpleness opened the concert with "When Doves Cry."

Inicio del partido el sábado: El Chicharito sólo tuvo unos minutos de airtime al empezar el partido. Pero le echamos muchas porras. Better luck next time!

At La Guelaguetza, on Saturday, watching the game, Barcelona vs Manchester United. Unas le echamos porras al Chicharito y otros a Messi, y todos nos divertimos mucho. Gracias Bricia por invitarnos al viewing party.

Al medio tiempo del partido. La Guelaguetza es el mejor restaurante de comida oaxaqueña en LA.

Oprah, please don’t go. (Yes, I love Oprah.)

If you’ve been watching TV in the last 25 years (and unless you’re a caveman, who hasn’t?) it is very likely that you’ve seen the Oprah Winfrey show at some point in your life. Maybe you’re even one of the fans and loyal viewers who used to tape her on VCR in the 80’s and 90’s and then switched to DVR the last few years. That is where I fall in, and frankly, I am in denial about the next 2 weeks when the Oprah show comes to an end.

I remember I started watching her after school. I was in the 8th grade and really liked the way she talked about things. I also remember getting her weight loss book “Make the connection” a few years later- already in college with the freshman 15 adding up -and thinking, “La Oprah es de las mias! She understands me. Oprah is my friend.”

We all knew the show was ending and we thought we’d be ok, right? She let us know way in advance last September.  It’s been fun to go through the reminiscing, to see the classic clips from her 25 year history, and all the memories they stir up from when we watched the show originally. But as the countdown keeps moving on…”Only 15 shows left, only 10 shows left…etc.” I have been getting really sad. Who is going to be there every afternoon/evening for us to connect with? Where will I go for an AHA moment?? Who is going to inspire me- again- to get a new makeover as I just saw on her last makeover ever? Oh noooo, she can’t go! I know she’s all happy she’s going to her OWN Network, but she won’t be there full time and it just won’t be the same. Buu!

Anyhow, I think the lesson (she’s always asking “What is the lesson?”..) is that eventually, we all have to move along with our lives, embrace change, seek new opportunities, reinvent ourselves… YADA YADA YADA, bla bla bla! Es cierto pero no me voy a poner a sermonearlos aquí! I don’t know, maybe in the “new” spare hour, I will finally use my time to learn to crochet.

Today I received my monthly O magazine and there she is, saying goodbye again.  Got the sinking feeling that her millions of viewers are dreading May 25, when the show is off the air and we’re all left in limbo. Y ahora quien podrá ayudarme?? como dijo el Chapulin Colorado.

Her latest cover of the O magazine. Saying goodbye, the long goodbye.