Getting my beauty fix at Bluemercury and Macy’s

We’re already in February and how I sense 2016 is flying by.

My birthday is coming up in 2 weeks and I’m feeling the effect of the number (getting up there!) and the image in the mirror au naturel. “OY!!! WHAT THE…???” seems to be my go to reaction, usually after doing a double-take in the morning. ¿Pues qué me pasó?! Is this the new reality?

Needless to say, I’m going through an evolving/complicated relationship with beauty and beauty products.

Love them, use them for a bit, discard them, and then I’ll want to try the next new thing. You say wrinkle eliminators, crease fillers, skin savers, dark spot erasers…I’ll bite. But there’s also a skeptic inside, telling me: you know this is too good to be true, it’ll never work, it won’t deliver. And yet! I want the dream and the promise. I want skin that glows, that represents youth or at least gives me the illusion of my younger self. (But that’s another issue altogether.)

So I was intrigued when I recently got an invite to the opening of Bluemercury, a new concept at Macy’s of a beauty spa within the store featuring high end luxury brands, products and treatments.  I like the idea. It seems like a chance to up the ante on my beauty game and try new things. These are products you don’t normally see at their counters and brands I’ve been meaning to try forever. Why hello, Creme de la Mer! Look, there’s Darphin, a French brand I only read about in magazines…

There are 2 Bluemercury shops that just opened in the L.A. Area, one in Macy’s Santa Anita and one in Macy’s Rancho Cucamonga. I’m looking forward to more openings on the west side (we love these things over here too!) and hopefully go get a facial soon.

My lovely friends at Macy’s were kind enough to send me a goodie bag with a sample of the Bluemercury M-61 line, a proprietary brand that seems to do all the things I need for my beauty regimen, doesn’t do animal testing (a big deal in my book) and doesn’t use undesirable ingredients (me dan miedo todos los “sulfates” y esas cosas).

Bluemercury m61

Bluemercury beauty bag courtesy of Macy’s.

I’ll give you an update on the products after I use them for a few weeks and hopefully get a chance to visit Bluemercury soon. In the meantime, here are some pictures courtesy of Macy’s* from their recent launch.

Happy February everyone, let’s make it happy and healthy and beauty-full.

(*Full disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited by Macy’s to their event and received the beauty samples to try out. The opinions expressed here are my own.)


The complete M-61 line is available only at Bluemercury.


All the colors of the rainbow at the Nars display. So pretty!


I’m curious to try out the Darphin line, French women really know their beauty products.



Un regalito de belleza con el Latina Beauty Box de Macy’s

¿Cómo van sus New Year’s Resolutions?

Uno de mis propósitos este año fue to take care of myself.

Lets just say that my wellness/beauty/maintenance rituals are not up to par. Yes, I have neglected myself in this aspect and yes, it’s a concern to do something about it.

Así que tuve un “habla” conmigo misma y decidí a ponerme al tiro. Time to step up my game because I’m not getting younger and because, como dice Salma Hayek, “you have to take care of your beauty, because if you don’t, your beauty may get offended and may leave you.” (Well I’m paraphrasing, but I heard she said it somewhere. Maybe if you read it with an accent it sounds more like la Hayek-Pinault.)

Entonces, me puse muy contenta cuando mis amiguitas de Macy’s sent me their Latina Beauty Box to start the year off right. Yay Macy’s!!

Tiene un montón de samples de todo tipo, desde cremitas para mejorar el cutis con efectos “anti-aging”, mascara for mile high lashes, cosmetics, fragrances and other goodies.

All the goodies from the Latina Beauty Box I received from Macy's. Thank you!

All the goodies from the Latina Beauty Box I received from Macy’s. Thank you!

I have tried a few of their things and I’m especially liking the Shiseido Power Infusing Concentrate. It’s made for smoothing out wrinkles and feels really light. I think it makes me glow a little bit, quien sabe, maybe it’s wishful thinking but I’m enjoying it so far.

Another fabulous item was Lancome Grandiose Wide Angle Fan Effect Mascara. I am loving the brush, never seen anything like it. It’s a little twisted so it reaches all the lashes, every little corner, so they look quite bigger than they are.

The brush from Lancome Grandiose Wide Angle Fan Effect Mascara is amazing. never seen anything like this.

The brush from Lancome Grandiose Wide Angle Fan Effect Mascara is pretty cool. Never seen anything like this.

A before pic without mascara.

A before pic without mascara.



And I was really happy with the Clinique Box, which had a hand dark spot corrector, a CC cream, which I had been curious to try, a fabulous gloss in Black Honey, which is a flattering color even though it looks dark in the tube, and the repairwear firming cream. Todo muy padre!

Enjoying all my Clinique items very much.

Enjoying all my Clinique items very much.

A big thank you to Macy’s for hooking me up. I am enjoying everything and it’s making it easier to maintain one of my resolutions this year.



Juventud Divino Tesoro, or finding anti-age products that work

The woman approaching the mirror just meant to do a quick scan, de esos que haces first thing in the morning, and never saw coming the disbelief that followed, a major introduction to the panic of the A-word.

But there it happened on a Sunday morning, yesterday to be exact, when THIS woman faced the moment of truth: AGE on my face is now a major concern. As I looked at the mirror, recién levantada, there was this realization that my face is not what it used to be. (“Juventud divino tesoro,” dice mi Tia Gilda, obviamente citando a Rubén Darío.)

Yes, I’m talking wrinkles and sun spots and an uneven complexion. Yes, I’m going to be perfectly candid and say that they’ve arrived, and I don’t like them, and I need to do something about them!

The funny thing is that I thought I was already doing it, all these years, staying out of the sun most of my adult life. I always use SPF, moisturize, never go to bed with makeup on, and invest in “good” creams and treatments from all price points.

I am a sunscreen worshipper, never leave home without the SPF in my face and most of my skin. I NEVER sunbathe, I swim in an indoor pool, and wear long sleeves when it’s too hot outside. During the summer, you’ll see me wearing weird big-ass hats. De hecho, I’ve heard my vecinos say about me, “Que extraña mujer,” when they see me leaving the house all covered up en el calorón

But desperate times call for desperate measures and obviously the SPF 60 is not doing the trick. So off I went to the drugstore and to Costco in search of new products.

There were 3 that seemed appropriate for my anti-aging mission: Age Shield face SPF 110 by Neutrogena. (Yeah pump it up to SPF 110 baby, the more the merrier); Oil of Olay Regenerist Cream (after seeing all those ads that claim they work just as well as the $700 dollar creams, worth a try); and a Dark Spot Eraser Clinical Strength Cream by Bremenn Clinical, that is supposed to borrarme las manchas del sol.

So now the experiment begins. The improvements the creams claim to do don’t happen overnight, so I’ll have to be patient. The SPF is already on and I feel it’s working, because it’s a bit heavier than the other stuff. It’s been quite sunny in LA for the past few days, and summer is practically here, so this one is not leaving my bolsita de indispensables any time soon.

Ahi luego les platico si sirvieron… o no.

Disclosure: I bought these products on my own and none of these brands nor companies have sponsored this post, nor supplied me with any products nor compensation. Lo puse porque quise, porque lo estoy usando, y porque I’m really looking for something that works.

AntiAging Creams

La belleza cuesta: Oil of Olay Regenerist MicroSculpting Cream (around $36 for two 1.7 ounce jars at Costco- a good deal considering it’s around $24 for one at other places); Neutrogena Age Shield Face SPF 110 (around $11 for 3 ounces at the drugstore); Bremenn Clinical Dark Spot Eraser (around $36 for 1 ounce at Costco).