Las Jacarandas están in bloom in Los Angeles

It’s the last week in May, where does the time go?

Seems all the Jacaranda trees in L.A. got the memo recently that it was time to burst into full color. A beautiful, intense, rich lavender meets happy purple kind of color. A full bloom all over the place. How do the flowers know it’s time to shine?

It’s easy to spot them when driving, even on the freeway. But they’re especially powerful in downtown LA and Pasadena.

Sometimes you just need to take a break, stand still on the street and admire them. Because like Ferris Bueller said, “Blink, and you miss it.” Ya sabemos que cuando llegue el late summer, las jacarandas se despiden hasta el año que entra.

En eso estaba yo, muy “enjoying the moment” en el Central Park de Pasadena, cuando pasa un pájaro volando and he poops a bit on my hair. Eww! How’s that for “disfrutando el momento”?

Pasadena Jacarandas on Del Mar blvd.

Pasadena Jacarandas on Del Mar blvd.


"Central Park" on Fair Oaks in Pasadena, with a central jacaranda.

“Central Park” on Fair Oaks in Pasadena, with a central Jacaranda.


Pops of color everywhere you go. Fits in nicely with our nice weather we've been having.

Pops of color everywhere you go. Fits in nicely with the weather we’ve been having.


Bam! A street filled with Jacarandas. (Pasadena, Del Mar blvd.)

Bam! A street filled with Jacarandas as far as the eye can see. (Pasadena, Del Mar blvd.)


Out for a run, surrounded by purple violet.

Out for a run, surrounded by purple violet.


Just chillin' in DTLA.

Just chillin’ in DTLA.


On 8th street in DTLA, the Jacaranda becomes part of the cityscape.

On 8th street in DTLA, the Jacaranda becomes part of the cityscape.


This intense blue lavender violet is now my favorite color. I love Jacarandas!

This intense blue lavender violet is now my favorite color. I love Jacarandas!

Wordless Wednesday: Luna de Octubre

As Pedro Infante would sing, “De las lunas, la de octubre es mas hermosa…porque en ella se refleja la quietud…”

Almost like “Cosmo’s Moon” from Moonstruck.

Welcome to LA, Shuttle Endeavor!

So there we were, thousands of angelenos, even the jaded ones and the Hollywood “seen it alls,” lining up the streets, the SoCal landmarks, the freeways and the entire LA area, acting like seven year olds and suddenly going WOOOOW at once. All because of a lovely little fly by on “piggy back” that made us stop in our tracks this Friday and marvel at the power of NASA.

The Space Shuttle Endeavor arrived in LA and it did so in style, flying by on its last voyage in the air for a sentimental once around. It was joyous. It was awesome. It was patriotic and sweet. It was history in the making and even gave us a chance to acknowledge how much we’ll miss seeing the NASA program send these shuttles up in the air.

It flew over all the wonderful places we have in LA: Malibu/Santa Monica, LAX, the Getty Center, The Griffith Observatory, Pasadena, Downtown LA, Disneyland, Long Beach and arrived back at LAX.  It practically hit every neighborhood! It truly was a site to behold.

I had a chance to see it with my family (Mi Tia y Mi ML) at the Queen Mary. Our original plan was to catch it by El Segundo as it landed at LAX, but we heard on the radio the streets were already closed. So we made a mad dash to Long Beach and the Queen Mary and it was also a full house. But we managed to catch it in time.

Here are a few glimpses of the fly by. It went by so quickly, but all of us, ALL OF US there, were swept with emotion, with pride for the USA and with such a feeling of happiness, that we could only cheer in awe for the few precious seconds it came over us.

I heard someone shout “God Bless America” as the shuttle made it’s way north on the horizon, and it moved me very much.


The Queen Mary was the one of the LA landmarks chose for the Endeavor flyby. Full house!

Boats at a standstill waiting on water.

Suddenly people scream “Here it comes” and cheers erupt. The Queen Mary sounds off it’s horns. Such an exciting moment. There is an F-16 fighter jet on each side.

Getting closer!

Endeavor flies just above us.

Right above us.

On it’s final stretch of the trip, to land at LAX.

There are thousands of images worth seeing from locations all over LA. Check out a great gallery compiled by KCRW at Which Way LA’s site: Click here.

And of course, not to be missed, the LA Times’ has excellent coverage.

Now we wait for its land journey to the California Science Center, which will be Endeavor’s new home. Welcome to LA baby!

Getting to know Nicole Richie for Macy’s Impulse

Fall is a few days away and I’d like a new wardrobe. (Who wouldn’t?)

Maybe it’s the season when people look most polished and put together, not just flip flopping in summer T’s and shorts. It’s always admirable to see someone who has beautiful style, who always looks nice. Enter Ms. Nicole Richie! Seems she is everywhere these days and she always looks amazing. Last week she launched her Nicole Richie for Macy’s Impulse Collection, as part of their ongoing designer series.

Maybe I’m late to the game, because Nicole has been a fashion icon for a while, but now that she’s been introduced  to the masses via Macy’s, and the recent Fashion Star TV Show, among all her ventures, I am a fan.

She is a smart girl with a unique style. They call her look “boho chic” and even though that’s not really my personality, there is something about the way she combines textures and prints that makes me want to look like a “new bohemian.”

Last week Macy’s held an introductory mini fashion show/breakfast for the launch of her collection at Glendale Galleria. We had a chance to see everything up close and mingle with style experts and models. And we loved every single piece.

I’m torn between choosing just a few items, but I’m sticking with the dresses. They are a fabulous deal at $69 dollars, and thumbs up to Macy’s and Nicole for keeping it real, since the range of prices is from $39 to $129, which is a pretty nice price for the rest of us.

One of the dresses reminded me of a dress my Mother used to wear in the 80’s. It had a similar look and feel to it. Se parecía mucho y me dió un flashback. No wonder, since Nicole has shared that her Mother, Brenda Richie is her influence, and she’s always looked up to her for inspiration, and to borrow the Azzadine Alaia’s from her closet…(que padre, no?)

Here are a few pictures of the fashion and the event.

Nicole Richie for Macy’s Impulse is now available at stores and online, and as with any designer collection, shop now. It’s here for a limited time only.

The runway comes to us. Nicole Richie’s Collection for Macy’s, up close at their launch event.

A lovely dress for any occasion, by Nicole Richie. Price: $69 dollars.

Three different looks, with her famous luxe bohemian style, that works for day or night.

A different trio of looks.

Very cool mix: Faux leather leggings con metal studs y una blusa con mucho “flow” in black and white.

Algunas de las fashion bloggeras que fueron a la presentación, todas tomando notas.

From a previous event, where she was interviewed about her fashion line, Nicole Richie talks about the details that make her peacock dress so unique.

The print detail is beautiful, combined with lace and chiffon.

Style and fashion sense comes from your Mother: Nicole’s Mom,Brenda Richie, recently posted this pic of them both on Twitter. So cute!

Party @ Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Renovations have been on my mind recently, so when I got the invite to go to the Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams party in South Coast Plaza, I instantly rsvp’d.

I’ve been a fan of their furniture for a while, but more importantly, after watching the feature segment recently on CBS Sunday Morning, it is remarkable to see how they run their business. They are good, honest people that have built a great American company. Plus all their furniture items and designs are so gorgeous, and with such quality, it’s hard to pick a favorite. All I know is after seeing them up close, I want it ALL!

The event took place at their “Signature Store” which is spacious and airy, and yet it felt like you were hanging out at the house of a good friend. The party had that vibe, where everybody was relaxed and making themselves comfortable as they “test-drived” all the nice muebles on display. Of course, the beautiful people from the OC came to play, so it had to be a stylish part-ay!

Take a look at the pix below and then check out their catalog at… you can also find their stores all over the place, even Mexico City (Polanco) for all my amiguitos down there.

And by the way, if you watch “The Good Wife” on CBS, keep an eye for the set decor. Some of their pieces have made their way to the law firm and a few of the characters’ homes.

Arriving at the party, design enthusiasts and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams fans.

White leather sofas as decor for a party scene.

This is what I call a great living room space. Not too big, not complicated, all bold complementing colors, and comfort above everything else.

Neutrals and a vintage inspired mirror equals elegant sophistication.

According to the designers, “A bedroom should be sensuous and stylish at all once.”

Talk about Stylish!

Getting comfortable with the scenery… hanging out with another living room meets family table.

Beautiful people and design lovers.

Chit chat at the foot of the bed.

Beautiful photography ALWAYS makes a room! Love the horse.

This is the Finley “Banquette”… o la Banquita Finley.

Intriguing dress design at the sweets table.

The sweets table.. you know me!

Loving the pewter chairs.

They also had a few other vendors on display, like this optical store with fabulous specs.

Assouline books was also in the house.

This Bulgari bracelet was spectacular.

A great mirror to bring the room together.

The London chaise in burgundy velvet adds a rich pop of color.

Art is essential to every room.

Another angle.

Now that’s a Manifesto!

“People watching” @Dwell on Design LA Expo

The annual Dwell on Design Expo is going on this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center and it’s worth a trip to see. If you’ve ever read Dwell Magazine or like modern simple architecture, interior design and eco friendly materials and buildings, then this is your cup of tea.

I had a chance to go on their preview day and saw very unique and interesting takes on living spaces and everyday items for your home and lifestyle. But this is material for another post since there was so much to see; I still need to sort it out!

Right now I want to post about the very unique PEOPLE that go to the event. I love architects, designers and design enthusiasts. They obviously have a very cool aesthetic and it shows in the way they present themselves to the world with their personal style. They are not afraid to show their personality with their eclectic and often minimalistic outfits. I guess they know they have to match great design spaces, so they see themselves integrated as part of the “package”…

Here’s a few shots of interesting people my camera caught. Lets just say at some point the people watching took over, since there was a great mix of creative individuals.

Go to Dwell this weekend! Entrance is $30 for Saturday and Sunday. From 10am to 6pm at the Convention Center.

LA creative types gathere at the Dwell on Design Expo in DTLA. Great place for people watching!

Isn’t she the coolest person? Love the Cruella hair with the outfit and the flat T strap shoes.

Citrus colors are a big deal with these design enthusiasts.

Black on black on black ALWAYS works. Look at her sandals!

Cute Guys Alert!

A skirt to match the wall decor. Well, I don’t see why not!

So Chill.

Shopping for lawn chairs with multiple functions.

Updating Social Media Status.

Sundresses and heels, skirts and booties.

Reminds me a little of David Bowie.

Designers meet consumers.

Test driving the lounge chairs in black, white and red.

So which Peanuts character are you?

I grew up with a dog named Snoopy, a Dalmation we loved, named by my Dad after our favorite cartoon character. It was back in the late 70’s and the early 80’s and we would watch the Charlie Brown Specials on TV like it was the most special thing in the world. We had Snoopy PJ’s, Snoopy and Woodstock bed sheets and pillowcases, Snoopy loncheras (lunchpails), and Snoopy Tshirts which we almost never took off.

So naturally every time I see something “Peanuts,” it gives me a bit of nostalgia and joy. It’s nice to see that Hallmark has reinvigorated the classic characters and has nice little gifts and forget-me-nots at their stores. I ran into their mug collection the other day and it made me wonder… so which one am I? I’d love to be Snoopy but I’m not even close to being Joe Cool!

I guess I’ll have to get all three and toss a coin to see who I want to be as I drink my morning cafecito.

Charlie Brown: Good sport, full of hope, optimistic, persistent, cooperative thoughtful, loyal friend, helpful, team player, genuine, tenderhearted, good citizen, reliable, trusting, snappy dresser.

Lucy: Self-confident, sassy, born leader, no nonsense, takes charge, gives good advice, competitive, independent, energetic, self-assured, persuasive, savvy, says what she means and means what she says.

Snoopy: Imaginative, funny, COOL, spontaneous, creative, happy-go-lucky, joyful, high spirited, carefree, great dancer, appreciates literature, connoisseur, good friend, always up for adventure.

One of my favorite photos with my sister, and our dog SNOOPY in the background, right in the middle of us and all the tiradero de juguetes. It was taken by my Dad.