Ya basta with the news. We need #PaisaZumba.

Well, well, well. What a week of news. Bad news. I need a distraction.

If you tuned into the news anytime this week, you would’ve probably wondered what the world is coming to.

Among the headlines: you saw violence in Oaxaca, México; you heard about US Supreme Court decision which deadlocked Obama’s plan to shield immigrants from deportation– leaving millions of families desolated; you were appalled at the highly anticipated  results from Brexit, in which the Brits basically gave the EU the middle finger and left the world scrambling to figure out what to do next. (You don’t think this affects you? Just check your 401K- or don’t. And I don’t want to think how this could affect the November election. Dare I say?)

But enough already. Ya basta. It’s a Friday, it’s summer and I feel like dancing.

(O como dicen en México, es viernes y el cuerpo lo sabe.)

I came across this video on my Facebook feed, courtesy of my fabulous friend, Diana R. and now I’m hooked. Everyone, meet Eddie G.

Who is this guy? He’s FUNNY and dances like nobody’s business. Just what we need to balance out the news of the week.

His Tiburcio character is my new favorite thing. His Zumba Chona is quite the workout. His Spanglish is just my cup of tea. Like when he says “It’s good for the pompis!”

Ojalá que te hable “la Ellen” Mr. Eddie G! I’m cranking up the views on your youtube channel.

So fight the anxiety with dancing. Let’s forget the challenges for a bit. A little humor goes a long way. Or try humour– if you happen to be a Brit and need to dance off the shock today.

Here’s the link to Paisa Zumba, to the tune of “La Chona” from Los Tucanes de Tijuana.

Have a good weekend. ÁNIMO!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 8.40.29 AM

Let’s do the Paisa Zumba today. We need it!

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 8.41.18 AM

Meet Tiburcio. He can teach you to dance.




Daylight savings time already? Really?

Time stops for no one. Remember to change your watch one hour forward befor Sunday morning.

Time stops for no one. Remember to change your watch one hour forward by Sunday morning.

So I’m not ready para que la hora cambie this weekend. Seriously, this came way too soon this year. Didn’t this use to happen in April? Qué pasó?

Well, like it or not, the annual ritual also known as “Spring Forward” is happening Sunday March 10, when we’re all gonna have to wake up an hour earlier on Sunday and move our watches and clocks one hour ahead. Ni modo, a madrugar, people! Nevermind it’s still cold and rainy in LA.

It was Benjamin Franklin who said these wise words, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Yet even if getting enough sleep and rest was one of my New Year’s Resolutions, I haven’t really made it happen.  (Si fueron sabias palabras pero mi querido Benjamin Franklin no vivía en el 21st Century con todo el technology, modern lifestyle, social media distractions, and late night TV! Who really goes to bed early anyway?)

I saw on the news this morning that there’s an economical reason/benefit to change the time as Spring approaches because that means people have extra daylight in the evening and that encourages them to go shopping and spend more at the mall. I’m not sure that’s entirely true in my case. I like to go shopping regardless of the time, but I do admit to enjoying the extended  “magic hour” to take pictures, really the best time of the day to venture out with your camera. Eso sí está padre.

It’s just those first few days when the time change happens, and I do miss that extra hour of sleep, which makes me muy cranky. Voy a necesitar más cafecito in the morning to get used to this, at least until my pleasant personality kicks in again as days progress. But it could take all week to get used to levantarme más tempranoconste que les avisé!

Help your heart: Today is National Wear Red Day @Macys

February is here and it’s time to make a little public service announcement on behalf of our corazoncito.

The American Heart Association and Macy’s have designated February as “Heart Month” and the moment for their “Go Red for Women/ Go Red Por Tu Corazón” campaigns. So it’s time to do a little check up and be aware of the symptoms of heart disease and heart attacks. It’s something nobody wants to think of, but the statistics say that heart disease and cardiovascular disease kills more women in the USA than any other illness. That’s pretty shocking. But we can all do our part to prevent this and save the lives of everyone we love.

For the past ten years, Macy’s has partnered with the AHA to support their programs, donating 40 million dollars to the cause. This month we all have a chance to support this campaign as well, just by shopping at Macy’s and wearing red to create awareness.

If you visit a Macy’s store today, Feb. 1st and wear anything red: your clothes, an accessory, scarf, red lipstick or even red nail polish, they will give you a discount of 10% or 20% on a wide assortment of selected merchandise. You can also purchase a Go Red pin for $2 at any Macy’s checkout and 100%of this goes directly to the AHA. Be sure to check out the website for more details at http://www.macys.com/gored. If you can’t make it today then go this weekend: the Go Red sale goes on till Feb. 3rd.

Visit the website at www.macys.com/gored for more information on the Go Red Sale.

Visit the website at http://www.macys.com/gored for more information on the Go Red Sale.

And if you’re in need of a red dress for Valentine’s Day or just because el rojo es tu color: Macy’s has 3 exclusive designs to promote the Go Red campaign that are really cute. With the purchase of any of these dresses, a donation of 10% goes back to the AHA. So you’re shopping and promoting a good cause. (That’s the excuse. I’m getting the Ellen Tracy wrap dress, which is very versatile.)

Here are the 3 dresses you can buy at Macy's and 10% of the sale goes back to the AHA. Dresses by Kensie, Ellen Tracy and the new Marylin line exclusive at Macy's.

Here are the 3 red dresses you can buy at Macy’s and 10% of the sale goes back to the AHA. Dresses by Ellen Tracy (left), Kensie, and the new Marylin line exclusive at Macy’s. Photo courtesy from my friend Martha Gil de Montes on her Twitter @MarthaMacys

You can also check out the site for the American Heart Association at www.heart.org and see all the health tips and information they have on your heart’s health. They also have a site en español so you should definitely see it: Go Red por Tu Corazon.

Learn Spanish “pronto” with these Spanish 101 books

Traveling to Mexico soon? Don’t speak a word of Spanish but need to communicate and get your point across? Or maybe you just want to brush up on a few basic phrases?

Never fear, there’s always a handy dictionary/guide/ “tumbaburros” (dummy rescue) ready for your language needs.

I found these books browsing at the Kitson store in Santa Monica, but I’m sure you could find them on amazon.com or online. Leave it to a practical gringo (that’s a term of endearment my friends, I mean no disrespect) to come up with Spanish on the go  booklets to get you through your next trip.

“Mexican Spanish” is not to be confused with Spanish Spanish…Here’s a book to get you through Mexico without having to spend hours learning the important stuff like grammar and pronounciation.

Learn basic Spanish with your Spanish Flash Cards… or have your kids use these to not feel ridiculous when asking “Donday Es-tah el Bain-nio?”

A VERY CLEVER take on learning to pronounce Spanish correctly with graphics and smart icon references . “Cone Goose Toe” Spanish Slanguage by Mike Ellis.

“Cone Lee Moan: With Lemon”… “Poe-Yo: Chicken”… but of course you have to know who Edgar Allen Poe was, so it takes a little bit of smarts to read this. Me Gusta! (May Goose-Tah: I like it)

Friday newsflash: Wear a hard hat!

Hey did you hear? Que ahi viene un dead satellite del tamaño de un camión tumbling towards the Earth and NASA DOESN’T KNOW WHERE IT”S GONNA LAND.

Why didn’t we wear a helmet today,  I ask? I don’t understand why this is not breaking news all over the place. This outdated, obsolete dead piece of technology weighs 6 TONS and is tumbling in “ways we can’t control”… says a NASA spokesperson. “Chances are 1 in 3200 that some human, SOMEWHERE, will be hit…But with 7 billion persons in the planet, the chance that you’ll be hit is 1 in 21 trillion.”

Don’t you just love statistics?

Go to this link from Brian Williams at NBC News for more info. (Gotta love Brian Williams and his dry sense of humor.)

The satellite is the size of the bus and will break into 26 pieces, "so we have THAT to look forward to," says Brian Williams from NBC News.

Update: Earthquake kit

It’s been 2 weeks since the Japan disaster. The news/situation is still pretty grim for Japan with the nuclear radiation spills, water problems, and millions of displaced people. We’re still praying for them. This evening I went to the 99 cents store (“La noventaynueve” como le dice mi Mama Lilia) y me hice de unos cuantos items para tener listo mi kit. God forbid there’s need to use it. Es más, I never want to use it!! I don’t care how much I’ve spent already.

So here’s a few pix and prices for my kit so far. I still need a krank radio like this one from NPR and more water. But I feel better prepared, somehow. Remember to check out this site for more info: www.72hours.org

Basic stuff for the e-kit.

1.- Water (have 1 gallon per person per day, plus pets) $1.00 per gallon… 2.– Three day emergency kit backpack for 2 people, includes first aid kit, weather poncho, dried food, water pouches, small flashlight, 2 masks. $39.99 at Home Depot… 3.- Extra flashlight and extra headlight kit, $14.99 from Home Depot...4.– Backup Batteries from Costco $8.99… 5.- Extra masks $4.99 from Home Depot… 6.- Gas wrench close thingey (valve shut off ) $4.99 at Home Depot… 7.- Extra set of gloves $3.99 at Home Depot (sometimes you find them at the 99 cents store). TOTAL: About $77.94 plus tax, plus water.

1st aid stuff and hygiene items.

1.- Toilet paper $6.98 on sale at Target…2.- Advil pain tablets, large jar with 345 pills, $10.99 at Costco…3.- Box of kleenex $2.29 at Target…4.- Baby wipes (for baños vaqueros) $.99 cents from 99 Cents store…5.- Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide (for cleaning wounds) $.99 cents each from the 99 Cents Store…6.- Emergency Vitamin C Vitamin packets, $7.99 from Trader Joes…7.- Activated charcoal (for upset stomach and stomach pain), $12 from Whole Foods…8.- Arnica pomade from Mexico, for bruises y pa’ los guamazos (sold at Mexican supermarkets for about $3 dollars) …9.- Isodine bucofaringeo for wounds and lip bruises (also sold at Mexican supermarkets for about $5)… 10.- Antibacterial Band Aids, $.99 cents from the 99 Cents Store…11.- Latex gloves (5 pairs) from the 99 cents store…12.- Wet Ones antibacterial wipes $1.99 for 12 packets, at CVS pharmacy…13.- Neutrogena sunblock/moisturizer $8.99 at CVS pharmacy…14.- Toothpaste and brush, $.99 cents each from the 99 Cents Store…15.- Remedios mexicanos para cortadas: Merthiolate y Sulfatiazol (2 dollars each at Mexican supermarkets) and natural antiobiotic “Nurtibiotic” to disinfect and clean, $3.99. Total: Approximately  $ 70 dollars.

Basic food stuff.

Almost ALL items from the 99 Cents Store, food that stores easily and can stay put for a while: 1.- Soy Dream Milk…2.-Skippy peanut Butter…3.-Hard sourdough pretzels…4.- Wasa scandinavian bread…5.- Eight cans of tuna…6.- Canned fruit and canned soup…7.-Trail mix with cashews and raisins from Trader Joes, 12 individual packets for $6.98…8.-Beef jerkey ($99 cents!)….9.-Instant oatmeal packets. Total: About $23 dollars.

Comfort junk...

And now, since we’re in survival mode, we must include items to keep our sweet tooth happy, because the more I think about it, the more I know something for sure…como dice Oprah…

If and when the ship goes down, and we (Dios guarde la hora) are facing a disaster of biblical proportions á la Japan, apocalypsis now, THIS IS IT, sálvese quien pueda, believe me when I say I am NOT going to be munching on healthy snacks during the immediate aftermath. I’m gonna need chocolate, sugar and salt to survive, you know what I mean?

(I just thought maybe I should add stiff strong alcohol drinks?)

Everything from the 99 Cents Store: 1.- Chocolate Chip cookies…2.- Doritos ranch chips….3.- Rocky Road in 3 flavor variations…4.- Boing grape juice…5.- Crunch bars (8 pack)…6.- Oreo chocolate cookies…7.- Oreo white chookies.