Everybody wins with Love Bravery


There is something to be said for the people that stand up for others and promote kindness in this crazy world of ours. Especially now, especially with everything that goes on, with what you see in the news every single day.

We need more doses of inspiration, people who practice decency and kindness, as opposed those who feel superior, who want to tell the world how to behave and act and love, those who judge and want to control in the name of “traditional values” and spiritual righteousness. I’m really over those people! Enough already. ¿Pues que se creen?

So on this note I was excited to hear about Love Bravery, a new collection of clothing and accessories that inspires compassion and combats prejudice, designed by none other than than the fabulous Lady Gaga and Elton John. They teamed up to create a limited edition line of clothing, accessories and novelty items, all exclusively at Macy’s and macys.com.

I recently had a chance to try out a sample of items. Among their accessories, I really liked a few pieces for daily use. The black backpack and water bottle is something I can easily carry throughout the day. It’s a good size and fit, not too heavy, just the right size, especially for the water bottle which is very practical. I also liked one of their scarves in black and white.

My favorite item however was the throwback vintage cassette tape portable battery charger. If you’re like me,  there’s never enough juice for my cell phone. I need more battery life! With this, you charge it at home and then use as needed. Keeps your phone alive for hours. I grew up in the 80’s and cassettes were a staple of my youth. So to be reminded me of all those mixed tapes I used to make – aww… it made me smile. The cassette tape lives on in Gaga’s and Sir Elton’s world, even if it’s disguised as a battery pack.

With your purchase of any of these and the full line of items, 25% of the price goes back to benefit the Born This Way Foundation and the Elton John AIDS Foundation- so you’re doing good and looking stylish. And spreading the Love Bravery.

Yay for Love Bravery! A cool collection and a great cause. Go get it now. And be kind to people, even if they’re different than you. For Goodness Sake!

(*This is not a paid post. Macy’s provided items for photos and all opinions here are my own. Por su atención, ¡muchas gracias!)



Love Bravery water bottle. Love the graffiti colors. Stay hydrated, people!


Love Bravery nylon backpack. A perfect size bag for on the go. Added the scarf just for fun.


It looks like your cassette tapes from the 80’s, complete with the clear plastic case. But it’s totally necessary for your 2016 lifestyle and cell phone juice. Don’t leave home without your battery charger by Love Bravery.


Black and white is my favorite color combo.


You can wear your Love Bravery scarf different ways and they all look fabulous.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.27.34 AM

Lady Gaga during the launch of Love Bravery at Macy’s Herald Square New York on May 4th. Love Lady Gaga!! Photo credit by @Macys on Instagram.




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