Remodeling la cocina and rediscovering the wonders of parsley-perejil

Spring is upon us thank God, with the ritual of daylight savings time already having it’s effect on my irregular sleeping schedule. Are you kidding me? One less hour of sleep. And where does the time go? It’s March 9th and to quote my Mama Lilia: Vamos rápido.

These past few weeks we have embarked on a remodeling effort at the house. Originally we thought it was going to take 2 weeks, pero cumpliendo con la 3era. Ley de Murphy (“Todo toma mas tiempo de lo que crees”) our little project is already at the 4 week mark, and we are ALMOST finished. I mean, they always say it takes 2 weeks para todo, verdad? But little did we know that a few surprises were going to pop up all over the place. We are redoing the kitchen, the most important room in the house, and it takes a BIG effort to maintain a happy household cuando la casa esta toda patas pa’arriba as you go through this process.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re pleased with the progress and the work by our paisano contractors, todo un team super eficiente, profesional y buena onda. Tan buena onda que hasta me trajeron un pastelito de cumpleaños last month. If you need some work done at your house, I’ll be happy to recommend.

But it takes some planning and “making do” to go through this project, especially for meals. The lesson I’ve learned is that eating take out can get old pretty quick, not to mention expensive and with limited healthy choices. Gracias a Dios que se nos ocurrió comprar un little portable griddle stove where we cook simple stuff. Every day I pretend que estoy jugando a la “cocinita” con mis “trastecitos” just to make it fun and not go bananas.

I also have a newfound love for sandwiches and have become quite creative. It’s been the easiest thing to make without a full service kitchen. Y me inspiré en la familia para hacerlosCuando visitan mi hermana la Romy y mi cuñado JoseLuis del DF hacen sus sandwiches para irse a dar la vuelta y llevar de snack. Si nomas le ponen mayo, ham and cheese entonces es un sandwich equis… sandwich sin amor. Pero si le ponen colorcito, con verduritas, quesito derretido, dressing y varios layers, it turns into an act of love y dicen, “Este es un Sandwich con Amor.”

With that in mind, I improvised some turkey burgers on oat nut bread last week, and on a split moment added an ingredient I am now obsessed with: Italian Parsley. The smell, the taste, the color! It must be in season because they have the most beautiful bunches at my local supermarket.

Besides being delicious, el perejil tiene medicinal qualities as well. You can eat a few leaves to help with indigestion and also add a leaves to boiling water for a few minutes to drink as a hot tea. (You can strain the leaves out to drink easily.) It helps detox the kidneys, they say, so go ahead and treat your body right. Maybe it’s the not the tastiest tea out there, but it’s good for you. So from now on it will always be present in our finally-soon to be ready-fabulous kitchen.

Here are a few pix of one of my new sandwich creations, which will be called “Sandwichito con Amor de Pavito con Perejil”.

Ya sé. Ya sé, it’s nothing new but thought I’d share in case you’re looking to add some variety to your herb collection. The recipe is there is no recipe, just tear up some fresh Italian Parsley leaves and mix into the ground turkey with salt (or salt substitute), pepper, oregano and garlic. And I mean tear up because nobody chops leaves, más que la Gwyneth P, and who has time to be perfect? Mi abue has been cooking all her life and  never once have I seen her chop any cilantro, ni perejil, ni orégano. Todo con las manos.

Anyway, have a great week everybody. Eat good food and take care.

I love Italian Parsley, my new favorite herb.

My new favorite herb is Italian Parsley. Just look at those big leaves full of flavor.

A few savory ingredients to add to your ground turkey. Liquid Aminos is a wonderful alternative to salt, tastes just like soy sauce, without all the sodium.

A few savory ingredients to add to your ground turkey. Liquid Aminos is a wonderful alternative to salt, tastes just like soy sauce.

Las tortitas de pavo cooking. I added parsley effusively then sparingly.

Cooking las tortitas de pavo, I added the parsley effusively, then sparingly.

Mis opened faced

Mis opened faced “Sandwich con Amor” before I joined both sides together, I added avocado, red onion, lettuce, tomato and mustard on OatNut bread. Quedaron ricos.

Italian Parsley bunch: add it to your grocery list.

Italian Parsley bunch: add it to your grocery list.

8 thoughts on “Remodeling la cocina and rediscovering the wonders of parsley-perejil

    • Gina, vas a creer que no tome la before! Pero esta quedando padre. Gracias x leer. Read you Wednesday.

  1. Yum!!! Se ve delish tu sandwich con amor, the ‘flavor’ of love comes through 🙂 yo también soy fan del turkey, del parsley-perejil, but most of all, soy super fan del CILANTRO, my God!!! The aroma! And since I use it en nopalitos o salsita, I do chop till I drop, 😅 sabes, yo hago una avo-mayo/ mayo-cado/ avo-naise… You get the point, avocado and mayo spread con un poquito de jalapeño (chopped to smitherines) y lo unto en los panes… Yuuuummmm!!! XOXO sister, ale

    • OK I absolutely love your Mayo-Cado name and idea. Or Avo-Naise. Please post. Muchos Besos, have a great week Sis.

    • Thank you Sis! I need a new header ahorita voy a hacerme un pic collage a ver como queda. Esa foto la puse “for position only.” The .com is actually working out. Besitos. CB

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