Getting heart healthy by guest posting for Go Red For Women

Before February is gone, and considering that this month is American Heart Month, I’d like to take a moment to share some nice news.

I was recently invited by the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Heart Association (AHA) and Macy’s to do some guests posts on AHA-LA’s social media pages as part of their “Go Red For Women” Campaign. It was a week-long project that made me realize how important heart health is for women and how much we can do to prevent heart disease. Macy’s is a founding sponsor of the Go Red For Women campaign, having donated more than 50 million to the cause since 2004. This helps create awareness and ultimately save lives.

It also happened to be my birthday last week, so it coincided with the fact that I am on this health awareness kick. I realize I am no longer a “spring chicken” and I’m not getting younger but it finally clicked that it’s not just about fighting wrinkles with beauty creams, it’s about healthy habits to maintain a healthy body from the inside out. (Me llegó tarde el mensaje, pero me llegó!)

So in writing these guest posts and in trying to make them interesting, I realized, como cantan la Whitney Houston y la Chaka-Khan, that “I am every woman, it’s all in meeee.” A healthy habit usually starts with motivation, an idea that you want to be better, feel better, look better, stay better. And I found some great info on the AHA website to stay motivated, including recipes, tips, and  stats that make you want to go and ask every woman you know to please monitor their blood pressure and their sodium intake, to get active, to watch their weight, to take care of themselves first.

Yes, heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the US. One of every 3 women die of heart illness every year, of every age. In my case, there is a history of heart disease in my family, on both sides, so even though I am healthy now, this is something I need to monitor from now on. I take care of my grandmother, mi Mama Lilia, who is 95 and has a few conditions including high blood pressure, and it really is something you need to control every day, with your diet and your physical activity. It’s a lifestyle that you have to commit to, if you want to stay healthy.

So with all this in mind, I decided to “Go Red” and try to support this cause by taking care of me, by doing a little shopping at Macy’s, and by making my newfound mission a bit more entertaining. Follow the links below to take you to the sites and hopefully you’ll be inspired to learn more about your heart. There is a wealth of useful information, trust me. There’s also still time to support the AHA and Go Red Campaign by purchasing a few key items at Macy’s, and with your purchase a donation is made to this cause.

American Heart Association website: Click here:

American Heart Association LA Instagram:

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American Heart Association LA Twitter:

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4 thoughts on “Getting heart healthy by guest posting for Go Red For Women

  1. You are a great writer Cristi! I loved meeting you in person, you have such a bright and sparkly personality and it really shows through your writing as well. I hope I get to see you again soon.


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