Mexican skier, mariachi suit, going to the Winter Olympics

Sí ya volví…

And this is the newsbit that prompted me to post again.

You probably heard about it on the news or social media feed. The upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi are fast approaching, and for Mexicans, they just got a whole lot more exciting.

Si señores, tenemos un paisano to root for during the games. Hubertus Von Hohenlohe is a German prince with Mexican nationality who will be competing in the skiing competition on behalf of Mexico. And more importantly, “pa que no se lo pierdan” he’ll be competing in a custom made Mariachi suit.

How’s that for genius?

Representing Meixco and Skiing in a Mariachi suit in Sotchi. Go Hohenlohe!!

Representing Mexico as our only athlete in the Sochi Games and skiing in a Mariachi suit. Go Hohenlohe!!

While he does not expect to medal, he’ll be well representing us mexicanos who truly know the meaning of “No gano, pero cómo me divierto.”

Yay Hohenlohe!!! Dale, dale, dale (try saying that out loud) and who knows, maybe we’ll get a milagrito out of Sochi. You can’t underestimate the power of the mariachi suit.

Get over to NPR to read and hear all about it. Here is the link: “Mariachi Olympic Prince takes Glamour to Sochi Ski Slopes”

Hey, if I was a German princess with double nationality in México, I’d always want to compete for México.

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