3 songs for your Summer 2013 Soundtrack

Did someone all of a sudden decide to do a rewind with the disco/dance and electronic musical references for Summer 2013?

Of course I’m not complaining, since I love to dance to anything that makes me move, but these songs I’ve been hearing lately take me back in time.

Here are 3 songs that I’ve downloaded/purchased just now, all because I kept hearing them on the radio. So of course they had to be “Shazammed” to find out who the heck they were.

By the way, thanks KCRW and KISS FM, for playing them. Yes, subscriber supported radio and commercial radio happily coexist on my dashboard. (I support public radio and you should too.)

These songs, I predict, will become part of your Summer Playlist. No me crean, but I do happen to have fairly decent musical tastes… modestia aparte.

Daft Punk: Get Lucky

They’ve been interviewed on NPR, they just topped the Billboard charts this week. Here’s Daft Punk with their extremely disco-techno influenced “Get Lucky.”

Listen closely and I swear they say “We up all Mexican Lucky” somwhere intertwined in the chorus. This song is from their new album “Random Access Memories” which is topping the charts. (Love the album name too.)

Click on the image for the music from YouTube. Y luego me dicen si suena a Mexican o no.

Empire of the Sun: Alive

Otros que me ponen a bailar in the seat of my car son los de Empire of the Sun, with their extremely  catchy “Alive” song. I think this is a song that can put anybody in a happy mood, even if you’re stuck in traffic on the 405.

Hace cuánto que no van clubbing? Maybe this is what those Millennials are dancing to these days.

Thank you @JasonBentley for playing it on KCRW’s MBE, the first place I heard it on. My previous purchases of Empire of the Sun songs on my iPod are also there because of MBE.

Capital Cities: Safe and Sound

This song came on the radio and I had to whip out the Shazam on my phone to see who it was. I’d never heard of Capital Cities before so I was intrigued.

On the video, they kind of look like the coffee baristas at Intelligentsia, with a weird retro bearded look. The song is cool, though, so I didn’t mind paying the $1.29 on iTunes.

Here’s the vid for “Safe and Sound” (NOT to be confused with la Taylor Swift’s song for the Hunger Games.)

3 thoughts on “3 songs for your Summer 2013 Soundtrack

  1. Cuando la oyí con mis hijos, I thought it said “Mexican lucky” too… 😉 Love it!!! I will always remember you and your wonderful music input throughout the years Crisburguer.. 🙂

    • Awww thanks G! It’s been a while since our Echo and the Bunnymen days. Right back at you my friend, tu tambien tienes excellent musical taste. We used to sing them all. xo.

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