La Gwyneth here, la Gwyneth there, la Gwyneth everywhere.

She's everywhere these days.

She’s everywhere these days.

Bueno, it had to happen sooner or later.

My dysfunctional love/hate relationship con la Gwyneth Paltrow has reached new heights. I really don’t know how to help myself…Somebody stop me from buying/consuming all the magazines and books where my nemesis slash bff Gwyneth is on the cover, por favor.

This month was particularly bad. She was voted the World’s Most Beautiful Woman on the cover of People so there I go and ahí te van 5 dólares. I wouldn’t go THAT far as to say she is the world’s most beautiful woman, pero who cares I bought it anyway. She had another cover this May for Harper’s Bazaar, so there go another 5 pesitos. And I finally found her new book at Costco and succumbed to it. Lo veia en el Barnes & Noble pero me dolía el codo pagar los 32 bucks, so I just waited for the $17.69 deal at Costco.

I’ve subscribed to her ever since she started it, I think she’s the celebrity I’ve mentioned most on this blog, I follow her on Twitter, la veo en el Hola, me sé toda su vida, o sea, in a nutshell, soy su groupie.

And yet, when I see her on TV, when she’s giving an interview with her snobby upscale vocabulary, cuando parece que she’s perfect and makes you feel somewhat inadequate for not being all perfect all the time, or when she’s wearing those weird see through dresses like at the recent premier for IronMan, de veras que my inner voice says, Urgh! No te aguanto. Ya bájale Gwyneth. No manches.

A dichotomy indeed.

Pero no me considero de los multiples haters que tiene en la vida (hay muchos que la detestan), ni tampoco me atrevería a dejarle un negative comment en su blog.

Most of the time, I’ll admit that she does inspire me, she does make me want to be a better cook and a healthier person. Like the time she said that the Vitamix would change your life and I believed her. (Yes, I bought it, and yes it has, and now I can’t live without it.)

Her new cookbook is a beautiful set of photos and recipes that I’m reading (and enjoying) cover to cover. Just by looking at the pictures I feel good, like I want to try them all and host a party or something. Tiene muy buen gusto, I’ll give her that. All the images are gorgeous, the fonts and the design are simple, the colors are bright. Está muy padre el libro. 

I can’t post any of the images from the book because of her very clearly written copyright notice de que pobre de nosotros si hacemos upload anything in the book without her permission. No quería poner ninguna receta sin permiso, of course. I do have a queja, though: hay una receta que le llama EASY POSOLE. With an S.  

Ahi si me dieron ganas de escribirle y decirle que where I come from, el POZOLE se escribe con Z. It’s POZOLE! Y que lleva some sort of meat. (She does a meatless easy “posole” with hominy y dice que le puedes poner rabanitos y aguacate to garnish it.)

So if you want to check the book out, vayan a la Costco to get a better deal. And if you’re like me, on Thursday you’ll be reading her latest installment on, a ver con que nos sale ahora. I’m not even a Mommy blogger and I want to get everything she recommends for the kids! I don’t have a superstar budget and I’m browsing through all her exclusive Goop fashion designer selections as if I were going to buy. Te digo, no tengo remedio.

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3 thoughts on “La Gwyneth here, la Gwyneth there, la Gwyneth everywhere.

  1. Jajajaaaa, sister, será que es de nuestra edad y no podemos evitar verla/envidiarla/admirarla… Es como: If I weren’t myself I’d like to be her… Well maybe not her, because much like royalty, es una chinga… But maybe have her GOOD HABITS, like eating healthy, thinking healthy, being healthy… Creo que con eso ya la alcanzamos! Hey, si no nos echamos porras nosotras entonces quien?! You’re on the right track: ya tienes el libro y el vitamix… Honey, remember when we lived in Mexico City…she lives in London… When in Rome… Do as the romans do, but careful when you go back home…most WILL think you are a snob, our vocabulary changes for the better… Eso si, no me late como sidekick, jajajaaaaa xoxo Ale

  2. :D. Not me.Ella nunca realmente me impresionó. Not really much at all. O the one from Sex In the City either. Couldn’t figure out the big media frenzy. 🙂 I know, I know! Puedes believe it??! 😉

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