Spring Cleaning Part 1: The Editing Process

¿Cómo andan estos días mis queridos readers? A mi como que me han dado ganas de un R&R “renew & refresh” a few aspects in my life, starting with my wardrobe.

Since it is Spring and it seems the weather will kind of finally decide to cooperate and give us warmer days (esperemos) now is the time to sacar todas esas cosas que nomas me estan haciendo bulto en el closet and give myself a little space for the makeover I want.

All the articles, books and tips I’ve read mention the first part is the EDIT. Start with the stuff you no longer use and either throw it, sell it or donate it.

Pues with that in mind, ya me hice de una little bag and bulks of stuff that are going to Goodwill, y otro little pile that will be part of my Garage Sale. Hey, a lo mejor sale algo de cash suficiente para ir a todos los summer concerts on my list.

Recently, la Gwyneth Paltrow, mi ídolo/object of envy affections (or bff slash frenemy) hizo su propio Spring Cleaning from her closet and it kind of inspired me. Of course, I don’t have old Stella McCartney blazers ni designer booties just sitting there and taking up precious space, but you have to hand it to her for being honest about what she can do without. She also has good rules of thumb to follow when doing this purging of cosas inecesarias en la vida that you just don’t need to hang on any longer. Si la Gwyneth puede, ‘pos yo también! (Click here to see that blog post from goop.com)

So I have begun this process and I just keep repeating to myself: edit edit edit! Here’s a sneak peak at what I’m “re-purposing” and letting go. Mis cosas no son de designer (J.Crew is about as designer as I get) but of course some of them have more sentimental value. Although I have to admit, most of my old clothes have seen their better days, so I’m excited about making room for new things I can wear this year. 

Asi que, se va, se va, se fue! Goodwill Centers, here I come. 

adidasjacket ropagoodwill beanietights vintagecoach



3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Part 1: The Editing Process

  1. I was ruthless with my spring cleaning…RUTHLESS I tell you… Me deshice de zapatos, pantalones, t-shirts… Me valió madreeeeee andar como fotografía en lo que repongo lo que se fue… I feel free and light and my closet looks happy, uncluttered… Living the uncluttered life al estilo del Happiness Project. Jajajaaa mas chilo tu que te inspiraste en la ultra cool, mega chic GP… Me llegó el correo de goop pero no he tenido oportunidad :/ hectic week my lovely… Anywaaaaaay, xoxo, pendiente Spring Cleaning part DEUX, Ale

  2. Cristi, my advice to you is to sell EVERYTHING on your garage sale. Once you’re done with your gs, then take the left over items to Goodwill. It doesn’t matter how worn your clothes/shoes are. You’ll be surprised at what people will buy! I made good $$$ on my last sale. Heck, you can even sell old jewelery and used make-up you don’t need. Good luck my friend.

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