Habemus Papam? Maybe this week.

Happy Monday people. 

Watching the news coverage this weekend and today, I have never been as jealous of all those news correspondents who get to travel to Rome in anticipation of the new Pope announcement. That can’t be work! Que padre se la pasan! The scenery, the food, the beautiful romanos and their landscape and monuments…I was so pleasantly entertained this morning by Charlie Rose and Nora O’Donnel over at CBS Morning. (I say, I am becoming more of a regular viewer of this show than the other ones, Today on NBC and GMA on ABC, which are becoming more like empty calories in the morning. I need substance- noticias- and CBS seems to fit the bill. But I digress…)

Which leads me to the Papal Conclave starting on Tuesday and where the entire world will be waiting for that humito blanco que salga de la chimenea de la Sistine Chapel. It may not happen on Tuesday but I do believe it will happen this week. (No creo que aguanten mucho tiempo encerrados los Cardenales.)

Since everybody is speculating on who could be chosen, que si los cardenales italianos se van a dejar, que si tal vez uno de un “emerging country”  (africano o latinoamericano), que si este o el otro.  Será todo es un secreto, pero todo el mundo está pendiente y opinando.

Since nobody asked me, I’m going to go ahead and say what I, a practicing Catholic, would like to see in the new Pope. I’d like to see a man who is happy to be Pope, someone who exudes joy, who travels and engages with the Church and inspires faith (supongo que seria una nueva version de Juan Pablo II) and also someone who addresses all the challenges and problems that are still unresolved and fixes them. Easier said than done, pero tengo fé.

I happen to like Cardinal Dolan from New York, who the media says is a far shot, but somebody like him could motivate us catholics more, especially here in the USA. Enough said.

Photo from the New York Times: Cardinal Timothy Dolan is a happy, cheery fellow. We like him!

Photo from the New York Times: Cardinal Timothy Dolan is a happy, cheery fellow. We like him!

Read more about him here in the NY Times. “Pope Material or Not, a Charming, Cheerful Cardinal takes notice in Rome.”

The Cardinals are to write in a little paper the name of their choice under the line Eligo in Summum Pontificem (meaning “I elect as supreme Pontif) and then they have a blank line ______________ to write the name . Después tienen que doblar el papelito a la mitad y entregarlo. Just like your school ballot elections when you were running for Student Council way back in the day. Keep it simple. Once the ballots are cast and read, 77 votes are needed to declare a winner. If there’s no winner, there’s another voting process. Voting continues up to 4 times a day until there’s a winner.

So we wait until Tuesday to start, and beyond that for the chimney smoke to turn from back to white… In the meantime, I’m gonna have to take a nap pretty soon because this horario nuevo me sigue causando bostezos a deshoras.

One thought on “Habemus Papam? Maybe this week.

  1. Sabes, Juan Pablo II nos marcó de una forma que dificilmente lo logre otro, aunquepor el bien de todos los católicos y del mundo entero espero que otro haga pronto su mayor esfuerzo por superarlo…of course in our hearts there will only be one Juan Pablo II te quiere todo el mundo… Sin embargo, nevertheless… Yo deseo con toda mi alma que los niños y jóvenes de hoy tengan a su propio Joannes Paulus que los motive, que los llene de emoción y que los lleve por el mejor camino, que los incite a volver a la iglesia… May I reblog, sister?! Xoxo, Ale

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