Daylight savings time already? Really?

Time stops for no one. Remember to change your watch one hour forward befor Sunday morning.

Time stops for no one. Remember to change your watch one hour forward by Sunday morning.

So I’m not ready para que la hora cambie this weekend. Seriously, this came way too soon this year. Didn’t this use to happen in April? Qué pasó?

Well, like it or not, the annual ritual also known as “Spring Forward” is happening Sunday March 10, when we’re all gonna have to wake up an hour earlier on Sunday and move our watches and clocks one hour ahead. Ni modo, a madrugar, people! Nevermind it’s still cold and rainy in LA.

It was Benjamin Franklin who said these wise words, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Yet even if getting enough sleep and rest was one of my New Year’s Resolutions, I haven’t really made it happen.  (Si fueron sabias palabras pero mi querido Benjamin Franklin no vivía en el 21st Century con todo el technology, modern lifestyle, social media distractions, and late night TV! Who really goes to bed early anyway?)

I saw on the news this morning that there’s an economical reason/benefit to change the time as Spring approaches because that means people have extra daylight in the evening and that encourages them to go shopping and spend more at the mall. I’m not sure that’s entirely true in my case. I like to go shopping regardless of the time, but I do admit to enjoying the extended  “magic hour” to take pictures, really the best time of the day to venture out with your camera. Eso sí está padre.

It’s just those first few days when the time change happens, and I do miss that extra hour of sleep, which makes me muy cranky. Voy a necesitar más cafecito in the morning to get used to this, at least until my pleasant personality kicks in again as days progress. But it could take all week to get used to levantarme más tempranoconste que les avisé!

2 thoughts on “Daylight savings time already? Really?

  1. a ver y sería posible que alguien me dijera porque hacen el cambio en domingo y no en sábado?!…si, ya se que hay gente que trabaja en sábado, pero come ooooonnnnn! la chinga es levantar a los hijos y hasta levantarse uno a arreglar a los hijos el lunes inmediato al cambio de hora y MÁS ESTE CAMBIO!!! as if we didn’t wish somedays we had more time to waste, now THEY go ahead and TAKE AWAY one hour…uchala, asi como quieren que bloguiémos 🙂 XOXO sister

  2. Para mí estos cambios de hora son brutales.. ya pasó la semana y me sigo acostando a las 10:00 pm hora vieja osea 11 pm… y levantandome a las 6 pasadotas y no me alcanza la mañana… ya me acostumbrare.. El Serge como si nada se ajusta a los cambios … gracias!

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