Back from the winter hibernation, I think…

Did I become a bear during January? You would think my lack of blog posts meant I was stuck somewhere in Siberia and that I was sleeping somewhere in a cave waiting for the cold weather to subside. Hey… don’t tempt me!

The January newsletter from Whole Foods has inspired with their cool graphics.

Yet aqui sigo, en el mismo lugar y con la misma gente, trying to make sense of a month that flew by and had it’s shares of scary moments and divine interventions. Para cada susto hubo una bendición.

You may all recall from earlier posts that I have a dog, a yellow lab named Sophie. She is the heart and soul of our house and she is 12 years old. There is not one person who doesn’t fall in love with her when they meet her (I’m not bragging, es la verdad!)

A few weeks ago, Sophie became very sick and had to go through emergency surgery. She was going through a pyometra, which I will let you google, among other issues relating to age and tumors. We really didn’t know how it was going to go and we were honestly preparing for the worst. La vimos cerca.

But thanks to her great will to live and her amazing vets, she is now recuperating at home and God willing, we have more much time to share with her.  We feel blessed and thank God every day when she wags her tail and gets up to greet us.

So now we decided to change her diet and used a less processed dog food. We found this brand she absolutely loves and is all natural. You can even see the freeze dried veggies like the sweet potatoes and celery in the mix. It’s called Sojos and they sell it at Vet Centers and online at

(Sí, sí, sí.. my doggie está un poquito spoiled in terms of foodie options. No more Purina for her!)

Sophie is recuperating from her major surgery. But I think we just handed over the keys to the couch. (#SophieCouchPotato)


On another note, even though the month is almost over, I had a chance to pick up the January 2013 newsletter at Whole Foods and was very much impressed.

Fue el jalón de orejas para regresar a mi beloved Vitamix and try the smoothie flavor combos they’re suggesting. Porque no crean, me ando haciendo güey con mis New Year’s Healthy Resolutions. Ahi les platico cual me gustó más:

Double Green Smoothie: Your favorite non dairy-beverage + dried apricots + banana + kale + spinach + berries.

Blueberry Muffin Smoothie: Orange Juice + blueberries + rolled oats + flax oil + cinnamon + ice.

Chai Almond Smoothie: dates + almondmilk + cocoa powder + ginger + cinnamon + cardamom + nutmeg + vanilla extract.

Protein Breakfast Blast: blueberries + banana + protein powder + skim milk + honey + ice + flaxseed.

They sure have clever copywriters over at Whole Foods. Me encantaron las gift cards, especialmente la de “Happy Birthday Tofu”… (Photo via iPhone)

3 thoughts on “Back from the winter hibernation, I think…

  1. Sister, I’m glad you didn’t press the snooze button, I missed a la sophie y a ti in the WP neighborhood…gracias a Dios ahi la lleva y las tiene tending to her EVERY need…vida de perro, not that bad!! xoxo sister-friend, come out and enjoy what’s left of winter…big hug, Ale

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