What I want most for 2013: Amor, Dinero y SALUD

Here we are at the end of the year, standing before the precipice of 2012, y que conste que  I don’t want to make any references to “la mentada” fiscal cliff...

Alas, maybe you too are taking stock of the year that was and all that we want 2013 to be.

As if to remind me of the priorities in life, en estos días a mi como que se me atravesó un flu-like symptom-bug at the worst possible time. Just when I thought I was going to enjoy some R&R south of the border con la familia, que me ataca un really bad cold con tos, dolor de garganta, dolor de oído y todo el kit…Not exactly how I wanted to spend my holiday vacation.  Oh how I longed to be “buena y sana” para irme a visitar a mi familia y amigos. Pero esta gripa me tumbó all week. Bah-humbug!

Thank goodness que en México la farmacia está just a few steps away y que pude encontrar uno que otro remedio. There’s a modern day herbolaria called Bótica Guadalupana in my hometown that has all sorts of remedios naturales, herbs and cures, to make teas or syrups or whatever works. My Mom got me the “Te Bronkis” que dicho sea de paso sabe a rayos y mentadas de madre. Don’t even ask me what’s in it because it doesn’t even say on the label. Es un menjurje misterioso!

Even though it did the trick for a while, upon my return to the States I didn’t want to risk anything at the border crossing, so I decided not to bring it with me. Bad move! I sure wish I had more of the gooey boiling tea that soothed my coughing and aching which has since come back with a vengeance.

(Side note: I guess the replacement of the Q’s for the K’s is not limited to texting teenagers and “flojo” spellers, even the branding people at Bótica Guadalupana have made the move. It may also be a visual trick, as Té Bronquios takes up more label space than Té Bronkis. But I digress…)

Santo Remedio for a while.. el "Te Bronkis" de la Guadalupana worked. Just don't ask me what's in it.

Yes, the Santo Remedio worked for a while. El “Té Bronkis” de la farmacia Guadalupana looks weird and tastes like dirty socks. But it stopped the coughing. Just don’t ask me what’s in it.

So if you ask me, what I really want for the New Year is to feel better.

Which brings me to my next point. My  only “salida a la calle” was to the supermarket the first night I arrived. At the checkout counter I noticed that the old adage about using “chones rojos” to ring in the New Year is alive and well in México. They had them placed right by the checkout counter, para que no se te olvide. (How convenient!) I haven’t always believed that wearing red underwear on the night of Dec. 31st to January 1 brings passion and love and a newfound novio in the New Year, but being the supersticious mexicana that I am, I never wanted to jinx it. So I try to go red, you know? Whether or not it worked I guess it depends on the year. Ya ni me acuerdo.

But now I noticed they are also pushing yellow underwear, supuestamente for money and more money. ¿PERO de cuándo acá?! Who thought of this? That’s totally pushing it and abusing my marketing sensibilities. No les creo! And it’s not just any yellow but the brightest yellow Pantone Yellow C Auto racing Yellow there ever was. Pa’que se note el interés. Considering the options at Soriana, maybe they want you to try a red bra and a yellow calzón. Or viceversa…But I didn’t buy any.

Had they had a bright green, “el verde es vida” then maybe I’d bite. Ahora que estoy con gripa maybe I should start a trend of my own. Green calzones anyone? It’s the “healthy” choice.

And on that note, I want to wish you a Happy New Year, my dear friends and readers. Much Health and Happiness and Time to enjoy it all... As always, so grateful for your company, comments and visits. Please come back for more in 2013. Gonna try and keep it interesting.

Besos y Abrazos,


Chones Rojos y amarillos, para el amor y la abundancia...muy a la mano en las cajas del Soriana.

Chones rojos y amarillos, para el amor y la abundancia…muy a la mano en las cajas del Soriana para que no se te olviden.

4 thoughts on “What I want most for 2013: Amor, Dinero y SALUD

  1. jajajaaaaa…’ora si estuviste con todo…comadre, if I ever want to taste dirty socks I’ll just take a sip of that miraculous tea….jajjaaaaa…what if it’s just a placebo?, what if you boil some dirty socks?, and wear you EMERALD GREEN pantone color of the year chones? here’s to your health sweetheart. It was a true blessing to have seen you for a while!!! pero te veo pronto, verdad?! love you sister-friend and please CUIDATE

  2. Happy New Year Cris! May you get all your wishes this 2013…y ya ahora si hay que versos, que el 2013 sea!!! un beso y abrazo!

    • Marisol, Happy new Year! Eres mi new year’s resolution! Thank you for reading and checking in. Todo lo mejor para ti y tu bella familia este 2013. Besos y abrazo fuerte.

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