Adios Twinkies…Bye-bye Ding Dongs. Se acabaron los Hostess.

Indulge me a little if you will this Friday morning. I am sad the Twinkie is going out of business.

The news and twitter-sphere is buzzing with the shutting down of the Hostess Company, the makers of all the forbidden goodies we grew up with and our invaluable lunch box trading items. “Te cambio mi Twinkie por tu Cupcake!”

When you think about it, it’s really sad news, especially because of the people losing their jobs,  18,500 thousand people. Really bad when you think about it!

But it’s not like we didn’t see this coming over the years. Entre tanto health report and the fact we all grew up and finally realized we’re not supposed to eat that delicious junky mix of sugar and fat,  pues claro que we stopped buying them and Hostess se fue bankrupt.

In the meantime, if you have a Twinkie attack: Not to fear, el New York Times publicó a few alternative recipes que pueden servir para matar el antojo, should you crave it.

Aqui les paso el link, me encantó el nombre del artículo:

It’s Not Junk If I Made It. Recreating snack cakes, cookies and chips at home. By Jennifer Steinhauer. March 6, 2012

Photo from the New York Times article: It’s Not Junk if I Made It.

Y bueno, se nos fue otra semana pues. Happy Weekend Everybody. Get ready for Thanksgiving next week!

3 thoughts on “Adios Twinkies…Bye-bye Ding Dongs. Se acabaron los Hostess.

  1. Que triste!! Me acuerdo que mi mama siempre me ponía un twinkie en mi lonchera cuando iba al kinder, durante mucho tiempo los aborrecí, pero el año pasado compre una caja en walmart e hicimos las pases los twinkies y yo, jajajaja.

  2. Also remember, had the Union allowed the Workers – most were agreeing – to accept that $1 pay cut to allow them to remain in business, otro gallo cantaría.

    Pero en fin…yes, Adios Ding Dongs, Twinkies, and Cup Cakes 😦

  3. ahora si digo.. whaaaaat! mis hijos van a vivir en un mundo donde no hay twinkies? Apenas este año le compre a mi hijo mayor su primer ding dong y creo que si le gusto.. he’s crazy for ding dongs!

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