From Halloween to Dia de los Muertos, “Catrina” Style

En los últimos años, I’ve noticed a trend here in LA: more and more people are having 3 day costume celebrations starting by trick or treating on Halloween, observing All Saints Day on Nov. 1st, and then and dressing up again on Dia de los Muertos, November 2nd.

Hey, why not? If you’re in the spirit, knock yourself out!

One of the more popular costumes is the elegant “Catrina” mexicana, and this year I decided I’m going to try to recreate the effect.

The nice people from the Suave company (the hair products) contacted me to share a few hairdo’s and styling ideas to go with the costume. If you don’t have anything planned yet – pues ya es hora, people! – here are 2 ideas that were created by famous stylist Leonardo Rocco, who’s worked with Juanes, Paulina Rubio, Angelica Vale, Alejandro Fernandez, mi paisana Lupita Jones, among many others. He is based in Miami, pero es argentino, che! So if you want to be styled by him you have to go visit his salon Rocco Donna Hair and Beauty Art in South Beach.

Here are a few ideas by Mr. Rocco himself and maybe these will inspire you a bit for your Día de los Muertos costume. (I’m sure they’ll be very impressed at the annual Self-Help Graphics fiesta happening in East Los Angeles.)

Side Pony Tail, Los Angeles Catrina Style. Photo courtesy of Suave hair products.

Side-swept Ponytail with Flowers

  1.  Spray Suave Professionals® Dry Shampoo over hair washed the day before at a 6 to 7 inch distance (10 cm.), making divisions of about one inch as you go. Apply it mostly around the roots and two inches below, where the greatest concentration of oils is. This product not only absorbs oil and refreshes hair, it also serves to add volume, which is very necessary for this type of look.
  2. Once you apply the dry shampoo to all your hair, use the dryer at high heat from the roots downward. Then incline your head and hair forward and dramatically lift it back. Now you can see what a difference the dry shampoo makes and you’ve created volume.
  3. If your hair is not naturally wavy, curl it now to create more volume and texture.
  4. Gently brush the hair off to one side over your shoulder and pull into a low ponytail. Grab a section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around over the hair tie to cover it.
  5. Finally, spray some Suave Professionals® Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Hairspray, which offers brushable weightless hold, and complement your look with colorful flowers, fastened to place with bobby pins.

    A Catrina with a “romantic updo.” Photo courtesy of Suave hair products.

Romantic Updo with Flowers

  1. Shake the Suave Professionals® Volumizing Mousse well for approximately 3 seconds,vand depending on the length of your hair place an amount on the palm of your hand. It will usually be the size of the palm of your hand. Apply the mousse throughout your hair using a wide-toothed comb to cover all your hair. This product is perfect because it adds up to 4 times more body without weighing hair down.
  2. The second step is drying your hair with a round brush, focusing on the roots where we want to create the most volume.
  3. Then, to begin creating the hairstyle, section off the sides of your hair from the ears forward. Keeping the sides of your hair sectioned off, pull the rest back into a low ponytail. Be sure to leave hair a little bit loose and even a bit disheveled, this is not a polished look.
  4. Begin curling small sections of hair, looping them and pinning them into place near the ponytail with a bobby pin. Pin some sections more loosely than others to create volume and shape.
  5. Now take the two side sections of hair and pull them toward the ponytail, loosely pinning them below the ponytail so they frame the face. Curl and loop the ends, and fasten with bobby pins.
  6. Finally, apply Suave Professionals® Touchable Finish Extra Hold Hairspray to set the hairstyle. The benefit of using this hairspray is that it controls flyaways and provides long-lasting hold, so your look will last all night.
  7. Decorate your hair with one or several colorful flowers around the hairstyle to create the final Día de los Muertos style.


    SUAVE Sample Giveaway:

    Amiguitos, please leave a comment below and I’ll do a random drawing on Friday, November 2nd for one winner to receive a sample of their products.

    Gracias and Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos.

2 thoughts on “From Halloween to Dia de los Muertos, “Catrina” Style

  1. Pues hoy me dijeron 30 minutos antes de ir al Trick or Treat (las mamas siempre si nos vamos a disfrazar)…. me acorde de tu post y me disfrace de Catrina con lo que encontre en mi casa!!!! You can see my Facebook Profile… jajajajaja, thanks Cristy, you were an inspiration.. y me salvaste!

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