Voting for the first time in the USA…at 93!

This is my grandmother, mi abuelita Mama Lilia, she is 93 years old, and today she is sending in her ballot for the 2012 Presidential election.

This is the first time she votes in the USA, having just became a US citizen last year after studying US history and English for more than a year. (Her favorite presidents are Abraham Lincoln and FDR.) During her citizenship exam she was asked why she wanted to be a US Citizen. She replied, “Para tener voz y voto.”

So today she is extremely happy and proud to send in her vote. She’s been following the news and the debates, but she’s always known who she was voting for. Todos los dias she had been asking me if the ballot had come in the mail.

The last month has been pretty tough on her health, but she’s hanging in there and we’re all pulling for her. Today was a very good day, gracias a Dios. It was worth a picture on our way to the mailbox!



3 thoughts on “Voting for the first time in the USA…at 93!

  1. Que gusto me da que tu Mama Lilia ya este mejor de salud, ademas que bonita y contenta se ve con su boleta en mano… un abrazo para las dos…

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