Welcome to LA, Shuttle Endeavor!

So there we were, thousands of angelenos, even the jaded ones and the Hollywood “seen it alls,” lining up the streets, the SoCal landmarks, the freeways and the entire LA area, acting like seven year olds and suddenly going WOOOOW at once. All because of a lovely little fly by on “piggy back” that made us stop in our tracks this Friday and marvel at the power of NASA.

The Space Shuttle Endeavor arrived in LA and it did so in style, flying by on its last voyage in the air for a sentimental once around. It was joyous. It was awesome. It was patriotic and sweet. It was history in the making and even gave us a chance to acknowledge how much we’ll miss seeing the NASA program send these shuttles up in the air.

It flew over all the wonderful places we have in LA: Malibu/Santa Monica, LAX, the Getty Center, The Griffith Observatory, Pasadena, Downtown LA, Disneyland, Long Beach and arrived back at LAX.  It practically hit every neighborhood! It truly was a site to behold.

I had a chance to see it with my family (Mi Tia y Mi ML) at the Queen Mary. Our original plan was to catch it by El Segundo as it landed at LAX, but we heard on the radio the streets were already closed. So we made a mad dash to Long Beach and the Queen Mary and it was also a full house. But we managed to catch it in time.

Here are a few glimpses of the fly by. It went by so quickly, but all of us, ALL OF US there, were swept with emotion, with pride for the USA and with such a feeling of happiness, that we could only cheer in awe for the few precious seconds it came over us.

I heard someone shout “God Bless America” as the shuttle made it’s way north on the horizon, and it moved me very much.


The Queen Mary was the one of the LA landmarks chose for the Endeavor flyby. Full house!

Boats at a standstill waiting on water.

Suddenly people scream “Here it comes” and cheers erupt. The Queen Mary sounds off it’s horns. Such an exciting moment. There is an F-16 fighter jet on each side.

Getting closer!

Endeavor flies just above us.

Right above us.

On it’s final stretch of the trip, to land at LAX.

There are thousands of images worth seeing from locations all over LA. Check out a great gallery compiled by KCRW at Which Way LA’s site: Click here.

And of course, not to be missed, the LA Times’ has excellent coverage.

Now we wait for its land journey to the California Science Center, which will be Endeavor’s new home. Welcome to LA baby!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to LA, Shuttle Endeavor!

  1. Another fabulous addition to your already fabulous journal of images Sister!!!! I ‘ll need to plan a trip to LA baby,jajajaa…pending the Cleopatra exhibit and now the Endeavour, AND what were all those ads (banderines) with Diana’s image on them?? Great post, read you soon

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