At the 2012 Revlon Run/Walk

The 19th annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk benefitting the fight against women’s cancers was held last weekend at USC and it was an event to remember. I attended and walked as part of Team Macy’s (one of the sponsors) and it was a powerful experience to see so many people come together and participate.

People of all ages and entire families all showed up to support the cause for a 5k walk around the LA Coliseum. Everybody had someone special they were walking for. Most people wore big signs and bibs mentioning their loved ones battling cancer who they were walking for and supporting, or honoring their memory, which was extremely moving to read and see. I saw a few que casi me hacen llorar, so it definitely makes me appreciate health and that we must do everything in our power to fight this disease.

I took some pictures of the event which I wanted to share below. If you are interested in participating and/or making a donation to find a cure for cancer, please visit and see how you can get involved. The statistics mentioned were pretty scary if you are a woman, but you CAN fight it and beat it if you detect it early on. So if you’re around the age of 35 or older, you should request,and demand to your doctor if needed, to get started with mammogram testing once a year.

Women, we need to take care of ourselves. ¡Cuidémonos todas! Here’s to good health, positive vibes and Godspeed in finding a cure for cancer.

Around the USC campus before the walk, the fair starts really early around 6:30 am.

At the starting line on Figueroa Ave, everybody looking good and ready for a 5K.

Team Macy’s 2012 supports the cause. Macy’s is one of the major sponsors of the RunWalk.

The beautiful and amazing Halle Berry is the Revlon Spokesperson and year after year speaks at the event. I loved her new curly hairdo, rizado chinito chinito!

Look at those dimples! Mr. Mario Lopez also was there to support.

Matthew Morrison of Glee gives a big hug to Lilly Tartikoff, one of the cofounders of the Run/Walk.

So inspirational! Lilly Tartikoff, co-founder of the Run/Walk, knows we will find a cure.

Julia Goldin, Global Chief Marketing Officer from Revlon, cheers everyone on at the starting line and talks about why it’s so important to join the cause.

Stacy Kiebler also walked and spoke on why she supoprts the cause, since it has affected her family. She’s very nice in person, pero no llevo al George Clooney!

Halle speaks and tells us women: Starting at 35, ask to get a mammogram! “Early detection is our best defense!”

And then I look at her and think, Hmm como que she looks like la Whitney Houston, verdad? Un poquito.

Confetti and cheers at the start.

All cancer survivors received a pink hat honoring them.

After the walk, a few refreshments inside the LA Coliseum.

Yeah, Macy’s. ¡Asi se compra!

Cupcakes for all!

Big party at the Coliseum lawn for thousands of people.

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