The runner in me is BACK.

Start up the “Chariots of Fire” soundtrack, people…. I am running again!

After a few years of hiatus and silly excuses (my back pain, no time to do it, la flojera– who are we kidding!) it feels good to know I am putting the effort into it. The progress has been slow, extremely slow, pero ahi la llevo. I guess you can say I can’t run a mile yet without huffing and puffing. I can swim a mile or two, but I can’t run it. How ironic is that?

You wouldn’t know it if you saw me, but there was a time when I ran on a daily basis. I finished two marathons, Honolulu and New York. I had a subscription to Runner’s World Magazine….Then one day about 3 years ago I stopped running. My back was hurt from an earlier incident and a doctor advised me to switch to walking. And then it became a habit NOT to run. Every time I started going again, it was hard, it was torture, it was not what it used to be. So I gave in to my laziness and idleness, and I’m sorry to say, my body has paid for it.

This year however, I had an an AHA! Moment and realized: MY (40 year old) BODY WANTS TO RUN AGAIN. Not to do any marathons, not to race anybody, I just want to experience the “Runner’s High” that makes me feel so good.

One of my favorite paintings by my favorite painter, Abel Quezada. “Corredor Solitario del Cental Park”. 1978. Vi este cuadro el año pasado en la exhibición “Código AQ” en el DF. Click here to see the images.

My homage to AQ, a version of the Solitary Runner of Central Park, a totally random photo that popped up from my NY photos, sin querer queriendo! I took this photo on Feb. 18 this year.

So it has been going pretty well so far. Then the universe conspires, you know how that goes, and this morning I heard a story on NPR which scientifically explains why human beings are  basically “born to run” (nod to a great Bruce Springsteen song) and all the benefits you get out of it, including the “runner’s high.” You can check the link here: “Wired to Run”

To make it official, this weekend I invested in a new pair of running shoes. My sister told me of this great store called “Road Runner Sports” where they test your running style and make customized insoles for your feet. It sounded like something I needed and frankly my old Nike’s had seen their better days. Time for new shoes.

After a video test and cushion molding at the store, I came out with a running shoe profile and a new pair of insoles that make all the difference for my high arch and medium flexibility.  They even took a video of my feet running on the treadmill which proves something my Mom has told me all my life: that I run/walk with my feet pointing out…basically that I run like a duck! (Las Mamás siempre tienen razón. Listen to your Mother!)

Sorry Nike. For the first time in my life I will not be running in Nike’s or Asics. I purchased the Brooks Ravenna which feel amazing! Who knew? Next to them are my state of the art customized running insoles, which support my arch and back. So far so good.

So the shoes are broken in and I am planning on adding on the mileage to these babies. One step at a time.

For inspiration, I have a few of my friends’ blogs on file, which I have been reading (and secretly envying, pero envidia de la buena ok…) and which help me get off my butt! Here are their links, you may want to check them out. Son excelentes escritores y los admiro mucho.

Iron Kai (Go Karime!)

Sosaku Runner (Dale Gonzalo!)

Araiz Corre (Vamos Araiz!)

My Sophie era la más excited con mis nuevos running shoes. She LOVED them, and the fact we can now run a little bit longer.

8 thoughts on “The runner in me is BACK.

  1. I’m happy for you sister!! ve nomás, I hinted that I’d like a new pair of sneakers para el día de las madres, not to run but to walk, also with my lovely companion Bonnie! I want to enjoy the final days of my stay here doing a bit of outdoor caminata y no nada más de un cuarto a otro haciendo housework!! toda la buena vibra sister!

  2. A.MO tu blog. Y LAS FOTOS, LAS FOOOOTOSSSS!!!!! Y ahora que me mencionas, I’m so humbled… Todavía me acuerdo cuando hablamos-escribimos y habías terminado el maratón (no recuerdo si era NY), y lo maravillosa que había sido la sensación de hacerlo. En ese entonces tu amiga, la clueless, decía: “no pues, qué bárbara la Cris, yo, en mi vida lo haré” (eso y los Tucanes de Tijuana). Y míranos, ahora a los almost 40, tenemos una relación bipolar con la corredera. Yo sé que llegará un momento en que digas: ‘un maratón otra vez? Why not?’ Y venga!
    BTW: quiero ir a Road Runner Sports. Iré ahora que esté en Miami…
    LUV YA my friend!! Go, go goooo!

  3. good luck in your vuelta to the running world, I simply love it and ove the people who run just because run4fun 😉 enjoy enjoy and enjoy Saludos from Spain

  4. Es la mejor decisión que has tomado, es genial para tu vida, te sentirás mejor física y psicológicamente. Pero poco a poco, la constancia es clave, debe convertirse en rutina como comer, beber o respirar. Y cuidado con cualquier dolor que tengas. Es lo mejor que has hecho.
    Las fotos de central Park preciosas, me están entrando ganas de ir…tengo plaza para la maratón de NY en 2013 pero dudo en ir porque me sale muy caro. Un abrazo,

  5. Muy bien mi Cris! I just signed up for a half marathon in August..America’s Finest in Balboa! NUNCA he corrido, so we’ll see!

  6. lo bueno que empiezas a correr y en un mes ya tienes condicion, el cuerpo se acuerda y aguanta cada vez mas..good for u

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