Had enough of William Levy yet? Parece que no.

The world’s greatest dancer he isn’t, but William Levy has managed to steal the spotlight on Dancing with the Stars. Lleva 5 weeks and he has become the flavor of the season con sus disque sexy moves and open shirt atuendos. A very “Chippendales” look if you ask me. The ladies in the studio audience go crazy every time he shows up.  Not to mention that Bruno dude…(ya bájale guey.)

This week he made the cover of People (English) and was also featured on People en Español on one of the little corners of the cover. (Yeah, yeah, they figure we’ve known him forever so they bumped him a la esquinita.)

So it seems his game plan is working. Bien dicen que “el que no enseña no vende”. Adding a little heartwrenching Cuban ex-pat story doesn’t hurt either.

But I haven’t voted for him yet. Su salsa no me convence, para ser cubano, you know what I mean? Como que le falta hip-action y mas soltura de movimiento.

Don’t kill me William Levy fan club! I’m just sayin’.

It's been a good week for Mr. William Levy. He made the cover of People (English version) and the top right corner of People en Español, al lado de Gloria Trevi y Chayanne.

3 thoughts on “Had enough of William Levy yet? Parece que no.

  1. desde que empezaron a circular fotos de un supuesto calendario with him showing his privates I got the feeling that he would do anything to get noticed…asi que I have had enough of him, pobre chavo y si estoy de acuerdo contigo, tu sabes que no veo tele, pero el otro día en el salón de HERMOSURA, JEJE, tenian prendida la tv y ahi estaba, he’s so STIFF, I think his muscles have no flexibility, he does have a nice smile though!!

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