So which Peanuts character are you?

I grew up with a dog named Snoopy, a Dalmation we loved, named by my Dad after our favorite cartoon character. It was back in the late 70’s and the early 80’s and we would watch the Charlie Brown Specials on TV like it was the most special thing in the world. We had Snoopy PJ’s, Snoopy and Woodstock bed sheets and pillowcases, Snoopy loncheras (lunchpails), and Snoopy Tshirts which we almost never took off.

So naturally every time I see something “Peanuts,” it gives me a bit of nostalgia and joy. It’s nice to see that Hallmark has reinvigorated the classic characters and has nice little gifts and forget-me-nots at their stores. I ran into their mug collection the other day and it made me wonder… so which one am I? I’d love to be Snoopy but I’m not even close to being Joe Cool!

I guess I’ll have to get all three and toss a coin to see who I want to be as I drink my morning cafecito.

Charlie Brown: Good sport, full of hope, optimistic, persistent, cooperative thoughtful, loyal friend, helpful, team player, genuine, tenderhearted, good citizen, reliable, trusting, snappy dresser.

Lucy: Self-confident, sassy, born leader, no nonsense, takes charge, gives good advice, competitive, independent, energetic, self-assured, persuasive, savvy, says what she means and means what she says.

Snoopy: Imaginative, funny, COOL, spontaneous, creative, happy-go-lucky, joyful, high spirited, carefree, great dancer, appreciates literature, connoisseur, good friend, always up for adventure.

One of my favorite photos with my sister, and our dog SNOOPY in the background, right in the middle of us and all the tiradero de juguetes. It was taken by my Dad.

3 thoughts on “So which Peanuts character are you?

  1. La carita del SNOOPY!!!! Mi vidaaaaa, cara de “i wanna be in the box tooo!”.. me encantó el post.. Pero yo a veces me identifico con la MAESTRA DE LA ESCUELA!!! Sabes cual? Que hablo y hablo y digo y digo y solo mis amigos mas PEANUTS me entienden!!! Love you lots Cristy!! Good blog, as always!

  2. ajajajaaa cuando lei el post tempranito igual pensé yo: yo soy la maestra! cada que encuentro un dvd de PEANUTS o RABANITOS ( can you believe that’s what they call them on spanish tv? mis hijos se enfurecen: aaaa por lo menos cacahuatitos, no?) anyway, lo compro… y ahora que los vuelvo a ver y ESCUCHAR me sorprenden los diálogos y conceptos tan maduros y de repente ofensivos: mamá que es BLOCKHEAD? yo lo puedo decir? mamá puedo decir STUPID yo también? los ninnios de hoy SI estan escuchando, y se ofenden con las groserías y el bullying que le hacen a Charlie Brown especialmente la Lucy! oye mamá, la Peppermint Patty si es ninnia? estas segura? jajajaaaaa cuándo cuestionamos nosotros a los personajes? ERAN INTOCABLES Y LIFE AS WE KNEW IT CAME TO A HAULT WHEN THEY WERE ON…aaaaah que tiempos aquellos …sweetheart, thanks for the memories…love you

  3. Beautiful Picture!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    The Nene of the familia also is a huge Snoopy Fan 😉

    I would be Lucy. Pushy, Bossy, mala, pero no de esas evil malas, just, “Ay Que Mala Eres” *hug, laugh*

    God Love You ♥

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