The Earthquake in Mexico reminds me it’s time to update my earthquake kit

Today a 7.6 shocker jolted al DF, la capital mexicana, and it was a wake up call, AGAIN, for those of us who live in California. Thankfully there was not that much damage, that we know of yet, as the other temblores que han pegado, like the one in September 1985. We’re still keeping our chilango friends and families in our prayers. Animo!

Here’s a post I wrote almost a year ago, give or take a few days, after the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan. I made a kit soon thereafter, which I have since not kept updated, to tell you the truth. But I will do so asap.

It’s also time to revisit and to rethink our strategies for when the earthquake hits in LA and around California. They keep telling us that it’s a matter of time. Y no es para asustar, this is only a reminder that we live in a earthquake prone place. So make a plan and be ready. My new motto is: Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared. (Maybe I should copyright this one.)

Click on the image to read about my kit, which will be replenished tonight! And check out these sites for more information:

Be Prepared California

California Emergency Management Agency

Earthquake Kit

My earthquake kit needs to be replenished.

One thought on “The Earthquake in Mexico reminds me it’s time to update my earthquake kit

  1. con mucha pena lo digo: no tengo kit de emergencias…tengo de todo pero scattered around, bueno no tanto, entre la despensa y los cajones de la cocina…I need to get myself a backpack, pack it up and stop being scared!!

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