Busy Weekend en LA: Casa de Mi Padre, St. Patty’s and LA Marathon

Parece que va a ser un busy weekend en LA, de esos en que hay something for everybody.

If only the weather would cooperate. Seems like we are on stormwatch all over the place, from the valleys to the beaches, and that does not bode well for the thousands of runners doing the LA Marathon on Sunday.  I have a theory that it always rains on Marathon Day and this year the forecast even calls for hail in the mix. Damn!

The forecast for LA is not too pleasant for the weekend. From http://www.abc7.com

De todas maneras, les deseamos a todos los corredores lots of luck and a good finishing time. It takes a lot to train and finish a marathon, so just by getting to the starting line, they have all my respect and admiration. I was thinking of going out para echarles porras, as I usually do each year, pero con la lluvia, se me hace que solo les mandaré la buena vibra por televisión. Besides, the city is practically undriveable on Marathon Sunday. There are street closures all over the place.  Here is a link to a site with all the details and what streets to avoid. The race starts at Dodger Stadium and ends at the Santa Monica Pier.

The map and course route for the LA Marathon on Sunday March 18, 2012. It is called the race "from the Stadium to the Sea."

On another note, if you like to go to the movies on rainy days, there is a new movie coming this weekend out which has been getting a lot of buzz.

“Casa de Mi Padre” stars the wonderful Mr. Will Ferrel and el Diego y el Gael, because that’s what we call them at our house, “el Diego” (Luna) y “el Gael” (García Bernal). I do believe I’m going to enjoy it. Look at the trailer and tell me you don’t think this is hilarious. So cheesy, so camp! Yes it’s a spoof, but who cares. Me encantó. And a few of the producers-distributors are mexicanos, of course.

This week, Will Ferrel has been doing all the promotion, and he visited Jimmy Kimmel where they had a very funny interview, completamente en español! Y hablaron bastante bien. Will practically has a perfect Spanish accent. Go Will!

Here’s a clip from the show that my dear friend Olivia sent me (thanks Olivia!) and please watch it until the end. There is something I’ve never heard before, not on English TV, not on Spanish TV.  Shocking!

Here is Will Ferrel En Español.


Let us not forget that Saturday March 17th  is Saint Patrick’s Day. Un día muy importante, since all the mexicanos are practically half Irish (somos como primos hermanos de cariño, we love them so much) and since it’s practically a national holiday in the USA, how about we have a celebration? Here’s a list of places to go to, my personal favorites being Molly Malones on Fairfax and Casey’s in DTLA, although be careful, it tends to get a little crazy.

2 thoughts on “Busy Weekend en LA: Casa de Mi Padre, St. Patty’s and LA Marathon

  1. I saw Diego (not from Dora The Explorer) say that he wish he had thought of this movie concept. Glad you got a kick out of it. -O

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