Walking the High Line in NYC

Spring is almost here, and I’m still thinking about a wonderful park where I left my heart a few weeks ago.

Anyone who is visiting New York City soon should take note of the wonderful and recently opened space called the “High Line.” It is a an elevated park built over the old railroad tracks in the Meat Packing District.  It has revitalized the area and made it the most energetic and cool part of town at the moment. Es el lugar mas padre, en mi humble opinion. A true re-invention of unused resources transformed into a city park. Recycling…What a genius idea!

On a cold day in late February when we visited, the views and the sunshine/lighting around the city were absolutely beautiful. Had we had a bit more time and the weather would’ve permitted, it would have been a lovely spot for lounging in one of their benches and reading a book, or just sitting and enjoying the view, which is what I suspect New Yorkers like to do when the weather turns nice and when they want a little escape. How lucky are they?

As if it were an act of serendipity, or maybe because I can’t stop thinking about it y luego ya ven como the Law of Attracion works, el latest issue de Architectural Digest tiene un articulo de Diane Von Furstenberg, who helped fund the High Line along with her husband Barry Diller with a nice donation of 35 million dollars. The article shows her new digs and store right at the entrance of the High Line. She has incredible taste of course, and she is such an icon of New York City that when you see what she’s done in the area, you can’t help but be grateful to her. I love you Diane. Muchas Gracias DVF!

You can see a few of the images of DVF residence headquarters at the Architectural Digest website by clicking here and on the image below.

From the Architectural Digest issue, February 2012. Diane Von Furstenberg's residence by the High Line. Click on the image for a photo gallery from the magazine.

You can get more information about the High Line here. (Open from 7am to 7pm. Free. No Smoking please!)

And below are some of images of my visit. Enjoy!

The DVF building right by the entrance to the High Line at Gansevoort Street and Washington Street in the Meat Packing District.

The stair entrance to the High Line is just past the Diane Von Furstenberg store.

A street view from one of the many observation decks along the line.

Nice little bridge. Photo by CB.

The "street cinema" steps are meant for admiring the city views. What a concept!

This is the view from the benches.

Another view, now looking north, towards the modern landscapes and residential high rises.

A close up of the new modern façades along the High Line.

Keep walking, you'll be amazed at the fusion between old and new.

This set of buildings is amazing, It is just so grand, so immense. ¿Cuánto tiempo tendrá ahi, cuánta gente vivirá en ese espacio?

The new skyline: postmodern, mixed and matched, and very sexy.

Walking towards the end of the line.

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