Francisca Valenzuela: I’m a new fan

“I’m half gringa and half chilena,” said Francisca Valenzuela a few nights ago as she started her performace at the R Bar in Korea Town. The good people of Sala de Espera Radio organized a pre SxSW (South by SouthWest) appearance in Los Angeles and it was a a great night for the singer, songwriter, producer and indie star. It was a double treat since the opening act was Fernanda Ulibarri, another chilena (en route to Mexico City) and she was also a great surprise. Arriba las mujeres del indie-rock!

I first heard Francisca a few months ago on KCRW and was intrigued by her music and lyrics, porque canta en español, and rarely do you hear any female Spanish indie rock being played on radio stations in Los Angeles. So when my friend Rocio Gutierrez of DigitalGirl invited me, I didn’t miss the chance. (Thank you Rocio!)

Francisca has a great voice and sings with intelligent lyrics, mostly about love, lust, life, disappointments, the what if’s… plus, she also plays her own keyboard. ¡Muy talentosa esta chava! I enjoyed the set very much. She also speaks perfect English, which is nice to hear, and that means of course that Spanglish was spoken here.

Her upcoming performance is at SxSW next week, and if you’re reading this in Austin, make sure to check her out. I have a feeling we’ll be listening more of her pretty soon.

Website for Francisca Valenzuela:

MySpace for Fernanda Ulibarri:

Francisca Valenzuela during her L.A. perfomance for Sala de Espera Radio at the R Bar. March 7, 2012.

Nice show, intimate setting with Francisca.

Catch her in Austin at SxSw. Click on the image to go to the link.

Fernanda Ulibarri was the opening set for the evening. A great night for indie rock.

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