My blog post on Time Magazine’s Latino cover generated hate mail. And this is my response.

No es la primera vez que me pasa en este blog de Life in Spanglish, but this time the hate mail received was more widespread and coming from a real (and really scary) source with a legitimate web address and very vocal members.

Yesterday as I wrote about the great Time Magazine Cover on the Latino Vote, I thought it would garner a few positive responses on our recently validated power status for the next presidential election in the USA. It never occurred to me that my blog post and link would be tagged to a white supremacist group’s online forum, where members with weird acronyms and spiteful names viciously attacked the blog and attacked the Latino community in the USA.

I will not post the address nor the name of the group. I will not post any of the comments they made. I will not approve nor publish any of the comments they left on this blog. Suffice it to say they have a logo that resembles a cross and swastika, and they don’t like minorities, ethnic groups, nor anything else that is different from their supremacist vision of the world. In a nutshell, they pretty much hate us and the fact we live here.

It was scary to read the comments, I’ll admit. It shouldn’t be a surprise, given the news we hear everyday, the newly appointed laws in Arizona and Alabama, the state of Immigration issues in this country. Yet, for my blog it was a reality check where it was directly placed on a hateful site and quoted by a very unpleasant group of people, and this made me feel vulnerable.

My first instinct was to respond directly to them on their forum, to defend the blog and to defend us. In the end, it would’ve reduced me to their same standing (and I also had to register to leave a comment, imagine that!) so I chose to delete as much as I could on this blog and just keep writing in SPANGLISH. Yes, there were many comments that made me upset, but as my good friend Gina Dewar said, there are many more of US, many more Latinos than the people who don’t like us, and we are here to stay.

So if they are still reading, and they’ve gotten this far on this post, then read and understand this:

Latinos are 50 million strong in the USA and growing. The United States of America is our home, and we are proud of our culture, language and heritage we bring into the mix. We are not here to take away from anyone, on the contrary, we will continue to contribute and work to help this beautiful country we CHOSE to live in. This is a country that has also given us so much in return, a country we love profoundly. And also, understand that we aren’t going anywhere. Aqui estamos, so please just find a way to make peace with this or just deal with it.

One of the beautiful things this country offers is freedom of speech. So in that sense, everybody is entitled to their opinion. But as far as Life in Spanglish goes, and so long as I’m writing it, we’re going to keep the conversation positive and the comments happy. Esas gentes no tendrán ningún espacio en este blog.

Could I interest you in leaving a response below, por favorcito? It would be nice to hear from you, nice person reader, along the lines of an “arriba los Latinos” tone.

Thanks for reading.


13 thoughts on “My blog post on Time Magazine’s Latino cover generated hate mail. And this is my response.

  1. I believe that HATE is kind of Old-fashioned thinking, don’t you agree? It is only natural us latinos will spark up some kind of “admiration/envy”because of our abilities to combine at least two cultures, languages, ways of life…
    So, Yes!! Vamos dejando este blog lleno de “happy comments” and “smiley faces”.. your forever trademark Cristy!!!
    Hugs and kisses…

  2. Cristina, I don´t know you but I know your friend Gina. Being a part of this group (osea Latina) your writing really touched me. Before I returned to live in the United States because I had lived here before, some friends told me that things were not the same, that they had suffered racism in different ways. At first I thought they were exaggerating, but I had my own share the other day when the sweetest old lady threw a finger at me because my car had Mexican plates.
    I suppose that the hate mail you received was as it was for me (the finger) a real surprise.
    I can only congratulate you on your decision of not responding to that group or their comments. As I read this morning in twitter “When you hate a perpetrator, you become the perpetrator”. May the happy comments continue. A big hug.

  3. I don’t like to say it but welcome to the club. I have dealt with this for over 6.5 years. Hate and fear run deep. You do have the right approach, imho. Keep it positive and don’t focus on it or let it eat away at you from inside. Suerte.

  4. Cristina se me llenaron los ojos de lagrimitas…me siento muy orgullosa de ti. Anger and hate is fear with an ugly mask. Words have power, y “Yo Decido” is quite literal and applies to everything, so I congratulate you for focusing on the positive and using the power of your words to empower those who are not aware of the power within themselves. Keep up the good work!

  5. Very sorry to hear you’ve been subjected to all this. I’m from Britain and I’m a regular reader and enjoy your blog immensely and admire your country for leading the way with it’s wealth of cultural diversity . People like you make a titanic contribution to the positive side of the USA seen by the rest of the world and you have a role to play in the increasingly influential global Latin community.
    Keep up the great work – As someone from here in Liverpool once said “All you need is Love ” -a simple message that blogs like yours allows to echo through the ages !!!

    Arriba los Latinos desde Liverpool Inglaterra !!

  6. Cristy, felicidades por tu blog… Ya sabes que soy fan. Digan lo que digan, tu contInua, fuerte y segura porque hoy te has dado cuenta que tus palabras estan sonando en el corazón de todos. Y aunque no les guste o no estén de acuerdo, o simplemente el odio racista les carcoma la vida, la realidad de las cosas es que tu estas aportando al cambio con tus letras y la sensatez de su significado. No dejes que te asusten solo reaccionan al miedo que les genera su ignorancia.

  7. Like you said, the beauty of it all in the US is that we enjoy the freedom of speech and religion. Haters will hate. Let them express themselves but we can avoid engaging them in verbal battle. Kudos to you and your blog. Keep posting!

    I saw this quote and thought it might be appropriate for the occasion:
    “If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” – Rumi

  8. Racism is the synonym of ignorance. It is truly sad to experience first hand when someone shows off their true colors in such a hateful way. Ultimately, The reality is that all of this hate has nothing to do with us but it is a reflection of who said it. It is all they have to offer. It is all they know what to feel. Such cancer erodes their lives. So let’s keep concentrating in all the positve blessings that we have, feel proud to be part of diversity and be honored to be a witness of such exciting times! Un fuerte abrazo Cristi!

  9. someone’s feeling threatened, maybe?! that doing things with sincere dedication has slowly but surely gotten them (latin americans) the recognition needed…may I add something?! in all this political correctedness I feel the word MINORITY has to be reconsidered as a term identifying these groups of has a retrograde and negative connotation which has been fueling a sentiment of inferiority towards latinos (and many other immigrant groups)… this shouldn’t be about QUANTITY, this is about QUALITY…and in recognizing this quality is that YO DECIDO is becoming a reality

  10. Mi Cris, apparently you hit a nerve, but keeping it in the right light, it’s a good thing. Como lo han venido diciendo en tu blog, esa agresion trae atras miedo a lo desconocido o vil ignorancia. Creo que lo mejor es ignorarlos y que te cuides. But rest assured, we got your back and we’re a 50 million and counting bunch, so the term ‘minority’ I think is reversed now to ‘them’.

  11. Thank you all for your comments and for your support of this blog. I really appreciate the time you take to read it and the positive feelings all around. Muy agradecida, muy agradecida, muy agradecida!

  12. Sometimes these people have forgotten this country was founded by immigrants and that what really characterizes it is the embracing culture it has towards all races. That is what it makes it unique and diverse!
    No matter of these groups might say, fight, attack or spit out….
    There are millions of immigrants, and not only mexicans in this country. And all of them are what have helped this country become what it is.
    Remember that you have our support, and if they don’t like what you write, they don’t need to read it! Dam it! We live in a free country with freedom of speech.
    So, don’t stop blogging as we really enjoy reading it Cristy!

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