Great Time Magazine cover this week: “Yo Decido”

Ya era hora que alguien lo dijera. Bravo Time Magazine. We love it. What a brilliant headline. I think it will catch on as a new mantra, along the lines of the always energetic but overused “Sí Se Puede.” (Para los mexicanos esto representa el amor/apoyo a la Selección Mexicana de Futbol solamente.)

“Yo Decido,” which for all my English speaking amigos, translates to “I Decide,” is a pretty strong statement. Yes, we have the power to make a difference.

I think this might be the first time that the magazine has a Spanish title on their cover and a mainstream media outlet declares the power of Latinos in the next elections. Look for it this week on your newsstand. I looked for it yesterday but it had not arrived.  It’s already making the rounds all over the place for the daring title and important subject matter.

Case in point: my 92 year old grandmother became a US Citizen last year and when they asked her why she wanted to become a citizen she said, “PARA TENER VOZ Y VOTO.” (“So I can have a voice and vote.”)

Here is the cover below and the link to the article online at “Why Latino Voter Will Swing the 2012 Election.”

From, the cover for the week of March 5, 2012.

4 thoughts on “Great Time Magazine cover this week: “Yo Decido”

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  2. it has been from day one your mission to be a law abiding, tax paying, exemplary citizen…like so many other Latin American people living in the USA…so this is an important (and maybe natural) next step in the mutual embracing of nationalities…

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