L.U.V. = MDNA!

It was a very good week for Madonna, in all her amazing glory.  Her Super Bowl performance last Sunday was one of the best ever. On Tuesday she announced her World Tour for 2012 (she’ll be in LA on October 10th); and according to iTunes, preorders for her new album MDNA hit the top spot in 50 countries.

Amen Madonna!

We’ll have to wait a bit for her new album, which drops on March 26th. In the meantime, here’s her latest video to get the weekend going. It’s from her new single “Give Me All You Luvin'” and it features Niki Minaj and M.I.A., because that’s how you do it in this day and age to stay fresh.


Even NPR practically raves on her existence: Madonna at Halftime: What it Takes to Last.

Don’t you just admire the fact that she’s been on top of her game ever since we met her back in the 80’s?  We all remember when she was still “Like A Virgin” and declaring to Dick Clark on American Bandstand that she was going to rule the world.

She was right, you know.

Madonna at Danceteria. Courtesy Affordable Art Fair. (Love this image from Fabrik Magazine, Issue 015)

2 thoughts on “L.U.V. = MDNA!

  1. I am not a ffotbal fan but i have soooo regretted not having watched the game…ok, I’ll be honest: NOT WATCHING halftime IS WHAT I REGRET…in fact, that’s the downside of not watching tv at all I HAD NO F..G IDEA SHE WOULD BE THE HALFTIME SHOW…

  2. I agree Madona has proven she is the queen of pop and has lasted for more than 30 years! Something to admire. The show was absolutely fantastic, even Nick liked it and he is not a big fan of her (you know guys.. hehe).
    Anyway! I can’t wait to lister her album =)

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