Here comes Valentine’s Day. Cupido acuérdate de mi…

Today I realized Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday.

Y luego, all of a sudden, without any explanation, como que se me antojo mandar Valentine’s Day cards, like the ones you used to get in 3rd grade. Remember how you used to fill out one for everyone in your class? Me entro un poquito de nostalgia. Yo siempre escogía las de Snoopy.

Será que I’ve been running into all these little knick knacks all over the place. Made me want to buy corazoncitos de chocolates y artsy Valentine’s Day cards. Maybe if my new online dating sites prove any luck, the story will change by next Tuesday. (I am thisclose to rejoining eharmony and give them another chance, although you all remember my past experiences when they kept “matching me” with Lupillos and all the paisanos from Pico Rivera…NOT that there’s anything wrong with that, but that’s a little ways out of my area code.)

On another note, for the last 2 years I’ve made a couple of recommendations on Love Songs based on my current state of mind, which probably (sin querer queriendo) says a lot about me and my relationship statuses.

The first year it was KEB-MO and “You Can Love Yourself” which I still love to hear all the time and says that “if nobody loves you and you’re feeling like dust on an empty shelf …just remember you can love yourself!” In 2011 it was C-Lo,  topping the charts with his “F-U” song, or “Forget You”  for radio friendly audiences, and I thought it was THE Valentine’s Day pick for the rest of us, los del club de corazones solitarios. You know who you are!

This year, however, I have not picked a song yet, maybe because I haven’t had a moment to think about it or because Lana del Rey has been all over the place with her weird and addictive songs and Valley of the Dolls like personna…more on that on a later post.

Oh well. I still have a few days to pick and choose, but in the meantime I ran into this cutesy-tootsie art card at the LAPL Gift Shop and I think it will do:

Pick your poison people: El Cancionero del Amor, according to a Valentine's day card which I found at the LAPL Gift Shop in downtown.

Y bueno, si alguien me quiere mandar chocolates, me encantan los de See’s Candies. Absolutely, positively, undoubtedly, no question about it, my all time favorites. Hint Hint:

See's Candies please!

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