Highlights from the SAG Awards: “Yo soy Demián Bichir y Soy Actor Mexicano.”

Demian Bichir during the opening of the SAG Awards ceremony last Sunday night.

Last Sunday at the SAG Awards, Demián Bichir, our Academy Award Nominee (porque es nuestro nominado!!) had a few minutes of air time right at the beginning of the show. He told a cute story of how he went to NY to drive a Taxi like De Niro and make Guacamole (at Rosa Mexicano), but my favorite line was in Spanish: Yo soy Demián Bichir y soy actor mexicano.

Very Nice!

Glad to see ha had a chance to speak and have a little bit of fun, even though he did not win. I really believed he was going to get it, but it was the French actor Jean Dujardin who took home the prize for “The Artist”. There’s still hope Demián gets the Oscar, believe me, we’re praying to San Judas Tadeo, he deserves it!

Otra que se la pasó having fun toda la noche fue Sofía Vergara, who has this Hollywood fame thing down like a true superstar.

Su trabajo le ha costado, she’s earned this the hard way. We all remember when she started out in doing lame tv shows for Univision waaay back in the 1990’s and then she couldn’t get a break as an actress. But flash forward to 2012 and she’s winning awards as part of the Modern Family ensemble, and hobnobbing with A-listers like Meryl Streep and Glenn Close. Que tal? Never rule out a beautiful woman with talent and perseverance. Go Sofía!  Here’s a picture from her twitter account:

Aqui nomas con mis new bff's: Meryl Streep, Sofia Vergara and Glenn Close at the SAG afterparties. Photo from Sofia Vergara's Twitter feed. http://www.whosay.com/sofiavergara/photos/123044

2 thoughts on “Highlights from the SAG Awards: “Yo soy Demián Bichir y Soy Actor Mexicano.”

  1. Me daria mil gusto que Damian Bichir se llevara el oscar mi Cristy, pero si tiene mucha competencia con el actor Jean Dujardin. The Artist es una excelente pelicula!!! Y su actuacion es explendida! No he visto a Beautiful life, pero si la quiero ver para poder tener una opinion.
    Saludos prima! =)

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