Este heatwave in the winter ya fue mucho.

Ya mero llegamos al end of the month. Se nos fue el mes de enero y yo no sé ustedes pero yo tengo calor. Aquí en California tenemos todo el mes con los weather ups and downs and constant changes, from rain to cold to warm. But today it was around 84 degrees in Pasadena, and it’s not even Spring yet! I mean, don’t let the California palm trees fool you. We are not in the tropics. LA is usually coat country during wintertime.

It did not help my cause that today I erred on the side of caution and chose to wear botas, tights, a dress, a scarf, and a wool sweater. Since I ride the metro, I never know if it’s going to be cold during the transfers, so I come prepared. Yes, I know I can check the weather report on tv, but I’m very friolenta, so I take it with a grain of salt.  Today I came a little too prepared and regretted it all day long. I kept peeling the layers until I couldn’t any longer. Ever have that feeling when your clothes just bother you all day long? That was me today.

Yet a little freshness came my way later in the day. I just went for a supermarket run this afternoon and saw these paletas de nieve. Does anybody remember “La Michoacana”? They are a local chain of aguas frescas and paletas de hielo/nieve in Mexico. We had them in my hometown by the border. I doubt these are the same paleteros I grew up with, who knows,  but I was instantly enamored with the name and the presentation… Chocoberry anyone?

Maybe that will help me deal with this heatwave until we get our next storm watch, probably by next week at the way we’re going with these tipsy weather patterns.

Chocoberry, paletas de coco y paletas de otros sabores by "La Michoacana", made in Ceres, California, not Michoacan.

2 thoughts on “Este heatwave in the winter ya fue mucho.

  1. Oye chula, pues si es el logo!!! ME ENCANTA (if I could use larger font I would to express how uber-happy this makes me) cuando nos platicas que te encuentras productos NETA-MENTE mexicanos in your part of the woods!! me da tanto gusto ver como han logrado exportar sus productos y que esto significa que dan el grado de calidad necesario para estar allá y satisfacer el quisquilloso (yeah right!) paladar estadounidense…(jeje, ya se, se basa en normas de higiene, calidad y seguridad de los ingredientes) but i couldn’t pass up the chance to same something nice…pues entrale chula!! a ver mi favorita para el calor era (of course my sweet thooth is a bit extreme) la de tamarindo o fresa…yum!! enjoy a bit of mexican tradition

  2. Así es! Este clima esta de locos! Yo ya quiero que haga frío otra vez, que onda con “el heat wave” =)
    Oyes, esas paletucas son excelentes, yo también la recuerdo de mi niñez y cada vez que voy al Campeón (un mexican market en San Juan Capistrano) no pierdo la oportunidad de comprarme una !!! =)

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