Rosca de Reyes time. ¿Qué les trajeron los Reyes Magos?

La tradición del Día de Reyes (or The feast of the Epiphany if you’re a Catholic and know the story about the “magi from the east” following the star and traveling to pay homage to Baby Jesus) is alive and well in Los Angeles. This year it falls on the first Friday of the month so it’s bound to be celebrated en grande.

If you still don’t have your Rosca de Reyes purchased, and if you’re in the downtown LA area on Friday, may I recommend a panadería right smack in the middle of the Grand Central Market? It’s called La Adelita and they still have a few Roscas available. They range in price from 7 to 20 dollars, depending on the size. They can also add as many monitos as you want, but you have to special order it. Standard roscas come with 2 monitos only, but waiting to see who gets the monito is what the fun is all about, so knock yourself out. ¡Pónganles muchos! I say the more, the merrier.

(Yes, you probably know this, but anyone who gets a monito needs to organize a party on February 2nd, el Dia de la Candelaria… preferably with Tamales and champurrado. Rarely anybody follows through, but we just want to believe we can keep the parties going.)

If you're in Downtown LA on el Dia de Reyes and you need a Rosca, head over to La Adelita panaderia inside the Grand Central Market on Broadway. They open from 9am to 6pm.

This is the $7 dollar Rosca with 2 monitos included. But I say add more!

While you're at it, you may want to shop around Grand Central Market. It's a great place to browse and take pix. It's also one of the locations used for the movie "City of Angels" (way back in the 90's.)

2 thoughts on “Rosca de Reyes time. ¿Qué les trajeron los Reyes Magos?

  1. sister, I need to take a few days off from reality y caerle a LA…jeje, with kiddies and all…I need to see for myself the US versión of EL MERCADO… I can foresee it being much cleaner and organized pero te apuesto a que no puedes regatear…ANYWAY I DON’T LIKE TO although i know they’ve got a colchoncito that let’s them play around with the prices…I bought personal size roscas, you know that Carnita (aka Pablo) doesn’t need much encouraging to dive into any kind of bread so I’m keeping the portions to a minimum… I love that you remind me that lovely traditions like this trascend time, space and economic situations…everyone should have a piece of rosca today…xoxo

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